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Supernoon releases Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3 tier list and places Ultra Instinct Goku as one of the best characters in the game

A new Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3 tier list has entered the ring. This time, top player Supernoon has shared his thoughts on where each of the characters in the game rank.

All of DBFZ's characters are listed here, including newest addition Ultra Instinct Goku. In fact, Supernoon has UI Goku up as one of the best characters in the entire game at this point in time.

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Bandai Namco cancels support for all remaining Tekken 7, Soul Calibur 6, and Dragon Ball FighterZ physical tournament events on 2020 World Tours

Bandai Namco provided an update on their 2020 major tournament circuits this morning. The company has announced that official support for all remaining physical tournament events on the World Tours for Tekken 7, Soul Calibur 6, and Dragon Ball FighterZ has been canceled.

This decision was made in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic as a safety measure for participants and tournament staff.

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Go1 releases updated Dragon Ball FighterZ tier list including Ultra Instinct Goku

Ultra Instinct Goku has just reached his first full week as being a part of the roster of Dragon Ball FighterZ, and many players around the world already believe him to be quite the powerful addition.

One of those players just so happens to be the current DBFZ World Tour champion, CO|Go1, who has now released his updated tier list for the game to include UI Goku and thoughts compared to when Season 3 first dropped.

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'The greatest joy is stealing DLC characters which people paid for' - Tatsunical uses Ginyu to rob foes of their Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC purchases

Not only is Ultra Instinct Goku a brand new addition to Dragon Ball FighterZ, but he's also one of the most powerful characters the franchise has ever seen. Since UI Goku is a DLC character, excited competitors must fork over extra cash to unlock him and this makes it particularly funny when Tatsunical robs and uses against them the content they just recently paid to access.

Tatsunical (currently going by the moniker "Tatsu the DLC Thief") has uploaded some comical footage of recent online interactions against players using UI Goku wherein he uses Captain Ginyu's unique Super attack to switch bodies and effectively "steal" a character who is technically locked behind a paywall.

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Having trouble figuring out Ultra Instinct Goku in Dragon Ball FighterZ? Check out The Cool Kid93's compilation featuring the UI Goku for ideas

Ultra Instinct Goku was recently released for Dragon Ball FighterZ as the latest DLC character from the Season 3 FighterZ Pass. As such, the fighting game community has been working hard to figure out this new character.

Unsurprisingly, Ultra Instinct Goku has a number of different attacks that essentially function as counters. This means that you'll generally need to be very good at reading opponents to really bring out this Saiyan's potential.

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Looking for tips and tricks to use Ultra Instinct Goku to his max potential in Dragon Ball FighterZ? The FGC is churning out great guides and tech

Ultra Instinct Goku has been in the hands of the fighting game community for a handful of days now, and they didn't need nearly that long to find the real dirt that makes the character tick in battle.

To help with the process of learning for others, we've gathered a number of the best guides and combo setups for UI Goku in Dragon Ball FighterZ from a number of voices in the community.

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Ultra Instinct Goku dodges three supers at the same time in this insane Dragon Ball FighterZ showcase from Desk

Ultra Instinct Goku is the freshest face on the Dragon Ball FighterZ character select screen. While he is officially available to everyone now, players have had a couple of days of playtime with him before today thanks to the early access granted to FighterZ Pass owners.

The combos and tech continue to flow in, and Desk has wasted no time hopping into the lab to see what he can find with the new DLC character. Today's showcase focuses more on clashes and UI Goku's ability to dodge attacks, and boy, does he dodge everything that's thrown at him.

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Desk unlocks his own inner super powers with over 5 minutes of creative Ultra Instinct Goku combos in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Ultra Instinct Goku has officially been available for about one day at this point, but I don't think the Dragon Ball FighterZ community has ever put so much effort into exploring a new character like they are right now.

That of course includes the combo magician master Desk himself who recently put together his day one UI Goku combo exhibition video which goes on for over five minutes and includes everything you probably expect and then some.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ eclipses 5 million copies sold and Bandai Namco is giving away special gifts to celebrate

Things have certainly been looking up in the realm of Dragon Ball FighterZ lately with yesterday's early release of Ultra Instinct Goku and all of the build up he had. Now, there's even more good news to be had for all players.

Bandai Namco announced this morning that Dragon Ball FighterZ's worldwide sales have now crossed the 5 million copies mark, and to celebrate, the publisher will be dishing out a handful of rewards for each and every player on that list.

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Update: Ultra Instinct Goku is now available in Dragon Ball FighterZ for FighterZ Pass owners

Update: Ultra Instinct Goku is now available to download and use in Dragon Ball FighterZ for players who own the FighterZ Pass 3. You can find out all of the information you need to know about the new playable character below.

Ultra Instinct Goku is scheduled to be released in Dragon Ball FighterZ on May 22. However, those that have already purchased FighterZ Pass 3 will be able to gain access to Ultra Instinct Goku two days earlier. In other words, many players will be using Ultra Instinct Goku tomorrow.

FighterZ Pass 3 costs $19.99 and comes with Kefla, Ultra Instinct Goku, and three currently unknown challengers. If you instead want to wait until May 22, Ultra Instinct Goku can be purchased individually for $4.99.

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Ultra Instinct Goku's stance counter can even dodge assists in Dragon Ball FighterZ, but still isn't quite as powerful as you might think

Ultra Instinct Goku isn't out just yet for Dragon Ball FighterZ, but players are already aware of how strong he's looking due to a number of factors namely — and surprisingly for this game — his defensive options.

Chief among those super powers is the ability to stance counter almost any physical or projectile move in the game which allows UI Goku to simply slip behind his opponent no matter where they happen to be. It does have some weaknesses, however.

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Ultra Instinct Goku Dragon Ball FighterZ launch trailer released

Dragon Ball FighterZ is gearing up for the release of their next DLC character this week. Ultra Instinct Goku is joining the battle, and Bandai Namco has just shared an official launch trailer for the upcoming warrior.

Fans are given another look at UI Goku's Dramatic Finish versus Kefla here. Additionally, more gameplay of the new Goku in action comes just before his official release.

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Ultra Instinct Goku isn't even available in Dragon Ball FighterZ yet but he already has touch of death combos

Earlier today, we had the opportunity to get a true breakdown for Ultra Instinct Goku thanks to the official gameplay showcase stream. A number of interesting details were revealed about Ultra Instinct Goku.

Not surprisingly, Ultra Instinct Goku is armed with some impressive damage potential. The character hasn't even been released yet and we already know that he's capable of performing touch of death sequences.

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EVO Online's decision to limit open tournaments to titles with great netcode is a bold message to fighting game developers

When news first dropped that EVO 2020 was cancelled and EVO Online would be taking its place, the FGC's immediate concern jumped to how the mainstage games would hold up considering none of them are known for their strong netplay capabilities.

The organizers behind EVO essentially side-stepped that issue completely, however, this week when they announced that none of those titles would be part of the open tournaments for EVO Online with those honors going instead to four fighting games championed by the community for their netcode prowess.

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Update: Official Ultra Instinct Goku gameplay showcase stream for Dragon Ball FighterZ is now live

Update: Bandai Namco's Ultra Instinct Goku showcase stream is now live. You can watch along with us in the story below.

Ultra Instinct Goku is only about three days away from releasing in Dragon Ball FighterZ, and very soon we'll have our best look yet at what the new character will be bringing to the table.

Bandai Namco will be holding a special livestream showcase for Ultra Instinct Goku today focusing on a full analysis of UI Goku's gameplay and combos set to start at 10 a.m. PT.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Japan Community League results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This weekend will see some much sought after fighting game action from Japan, though as to the be expected given the current circumstances it will be played online.

Notable players participating in this event include CO|Go1, CO|Fenrich, BC|Tachikawa, PG|BNBBN, Maddo, Matoi, Acqua, B, HiroHiro, Tako, Kawamatsu and Ikoan.

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10 more minutes of Ultra Instinct Goku shown in Dragon Ball FighterZ before his release

Ultra Instinct Goku appears to have a lot of interesting moves in Dragon Ball FighterZ. For example, he's able to casually walk through projectiles with minimal movement.

Although Ultra Instinct Goku won't be released until May 22, the update that contains the character data has already been released for certain parts of the world. By using Captain Ginyu's Body Change technique, players are able to steal Ultra Instinct Goku from the A.I. and try him out for themselves.

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