Dragon Ball Z stories

Interested in Janemba for Dragon Ball FighterZ? Rooflemonger has some tips and tricks to get you started with the character

Janemba only recently became a playable character in Dragon Ball FighterZ earlier this month. This particular fighter has a strange repertoire of tools.

Rooflemonger recently released a video that goes over some tips and tricks with Janemba. If you're interested in learning this unorthodox combatant, this might be a good place to start.

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New Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta gameplay details revealed for Dragon Ball FighterZ

We've only had Janemba in our hands for less than a few weeks now, but some players are already looking forward to what's coming up next for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

The latest issue of the weekly Jump magazine in Japan revealed a few additional bits of what to expect from Super Saiyan Blue / SSGSS Gogeta for his intro, attacks and supers once he arrives as the next DLC fighter.

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Teleports, full-screen confirms and mixups: Janemba is one of the crazier characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ in this in-depth combo and tech guide

Janemba has been out for a little bit in Dragon Ball FighterZ now, and he's showing promise partly due to just how well Arc System Works and Bandai Namco was able to capture all of his crazy abilities in the character's gameplay and mixups.

FGC member Rath has put together an in-depth video guide for players looking to learn more about Janemba's specific tools, combos and tech broken down into his neutral, counter, teleport, mixups, supers, snaps and even more.

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New character IDs may have been discovered in Dragon Ball FighterZ's code after Janemba update

Janemba was released as Dragon Ball FighterZ's latest DLC character not too long ago. This marks him as being the fourth released for Season 2. Only Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta and the canonical version of Broly remain.

However, it appears that evidence has recently surfaced that suggests that more combatants could be on the way in the near future. Some have speculated that this could be the start of Season 3.

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Go1, NYChrisG, Alukard, and more use Janemba in Dragon Ball FighterZ and discover sick combos and more

With every new fighter to come into a game, there also comes a lot of lab work. People want to see just how viable a newcomer is, and figure out what tier they will be in.

Janemba is the newest combatant in Dragon Ball FighterZ, so everyone is going to work trying to see what he is capable of. This is a compilation that shows off some of his unique attributes and abilities in live gameplay.

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Check out Go1 and Fenrich playing Janemba in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Janemba became a playable character in Dragon Ball FighterZ a few days ago. Where will this fighter end up on the tier list? We'll likely only know the answer to that question after the pros have had enough time to really dabble with the demon.

YogaFlame24 has uploaded some footage of players using Janemba in what appears to be an online setting. Based on who's playing him, there are certainly some notes to take if you plan on learning more.

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Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft will be required to disclose loot box odds on products that use them soon

Loot boxes in video games have seen an increase in popularity in recent times as downloadable content, frequent updates, and free-to-play models have become staples in the industry. Being able to slap down your cash for a chance at scoring exclusive items, colors, costumes, and the like is an enticing concept, but with their implementation also quickly comes concern.

When it comes to using real money for loot boxes, things can get dicey very quickly, and gaming companies continue to try and put policies into place that benefit everyone involved. The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) recently announced that three major companies — Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony — have all committed to new policies that require them to divulge loot box odds on any products that use them going forward.

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Desk got his masterful, combo-creating hands on Janemba in Dragon Ball FighterZ

We're excited to bring you yet another installment in the Desk combo video series as we take a look at Dragon Ball FighterZ's latest DLC character: Janemba.

The non-canonical and demonic baddie has the ability to manipulate matter and travel through dimensions, making him a perfect fit for someone like Desk (who we suspect has similar powers).

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Janemba is now available as DLC in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Even after Nintendo seemingly leaked Janemba was coming soon to Dragon Ball FighterZ, business carried on as usual for Bandai Namco at EVO 2019. An exclusive trailer was shown for Janemba and Gogeta after grand finals.

Janemba is now available to download and play in the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch versions of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

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Missed EVO 2019? Here's all the fighting game announcements that were made over the weekend

Over the weekend, one of the largest fighting game tournaments of the year, EVO 2019, played out. As this event gets larger and larger, fighting game developers have become more interested in making announcements here.

This year was obviously no exception. For those that missed out on some of the reveals, we've got a review of everything that happened right here.

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EVO 2019 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The biggest weekend of the year for the FGC at large is here. Of course, that means EVO 2019 is happening, in Las Vegas, U.S.A.

There's really no point in listing the notable players present, since practically everyone is there for the games present. There are probably a few exceptions, but it's safe to assume that anyone who's anyone will be there.

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Bardock and Goku reported to be the most popular choices in the top 128 of EVO 2019's Dragon Ball FighterZ event

Yet another event has finished at EVO 2019. We had the opportunity to witness an emotional end to the Dragon Ball FighterZ grand finals.

In other words, we are able to talk about the character usage stats for one more title that played out at the major tournament. Let's take a look at which fighters were the most prominent in the top 128.

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Janemba officially revealed for Dragon Ball FighterZ, available August 8

ArcSys has officially unveiled Janemba as a DLC fighter in Dragon Ball FighterZ. This announcement came after the grand finals of Dragon Ball FighterZ at EVO 2019.

We previously knew this character was coming as Microsoft and Nintendo had previously mentioned that this character was coming to the game as part of the second season pass.

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EVO 2019 fighting game deals: Play Under Night In-Birth and Dragon Ball FighterZ for free plus discounts on Samurai Shodown, Mortal Kombat 11 and more

Day 2 at EVO 2019 is currently underway, and as per usual, EVO weekend is proving to be one of the best times of the year to pick up new fighting games for cheap across multiple platforms.

Each of the nine mainstage titles for EVO this year are included in these ongoing sales — except for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — so Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, Dragon Ball FighterZ, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Under Night In-Birth, Soul Calibur 6 and even the more recently released Samurai Shodown and Mortal Kombat 11 are all cheaper to pick up for a few days. Some of them are even free to play.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ announcement set for EVO 2019? Producer Tomoko Hiroki says she'll be on stage after the finals and wants you to tune in

All eyes are on EVO 2019 as the giant fighting game community event begins today in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fans can expect to see the best players in the world compete across numerous games, as well as potential announcements from various fighting game companies throughout the course of the weekend.

Bandai Namco will have several titles featured on the EVO line up, including Dragon Ball FighterZ, and it appears that viewers will want to pay attention to the stream after the game's Saturday finals conclude. The game's producer, Tomoko Hiroki, sent out a message on Twitter this morning saying she'll be on stage after the DBFZ tournament is over.

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Seven games with over 1,000 entrants, five titles new to the EVO lineup and non-stop action on eight streams all weekend long — EVO 2019 preview

EVO 2019 is about to be upon us, and like every year, it's going to be a gigantic event for every game involved, and I'm sure most of you have booked your full weekend up so that you can catch all the festivities via livestream, if you're not going in person.

With how huge the event is, and an unprecedented seven whole games reaching over 1,000 entrants each, even just watching the event is something of a daunting task. As such, this preview has been put together to help you get a good grasp of what to expect, when to expect it, players to look out for and more for each game featured at the event.

Continue below for the full rundown.

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Update: Which potential fighting game announcements are you excited for with regards to EVO 2019?

Update: You can check out the final results of our poll to see which potential announcements the community is most looking forward to at EVO 2019 after the jump.

Like previous years, it's seeming very likely that we'll be getting interesting fighting game announcements at EVO 2019. In fact, it's basically been confirmed that Sony has some announcement that probably pertains to the fighting game community at the upcoming event.

The main stage lineup this time around includes Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (as the game with the most entrants), Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, Tekken 7, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Samurai Shodown, Mortal Kombat 11, Soul Calibur 6, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, and Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]. There could be some fun surprises waiting for us before the end of each game's events.

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