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Dragon Ball Z stories

Dragon Ball FighterZ announces when they'll announce more information about rollback netcode and next gen releases

Since they finally got their wish a few months back, fans had been hoping more information about Dragon Ball FighterZ's rollback netcode update would come out of today's Road to Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2023 event, and it technically did.

At least, Bandai Namco announced when they'll probably announce more info about DBFZ's rollback and next generation releases at the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour 2022-2023 Finals.

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Over 80% of Panda Global's sponsored fighting game team appears to have resigned so far

The competitive Super Smash Bros. community is very different than it was just a week ago, and that now very much includes one of the largest eSports organizations connected to the scene.

Following Panda Global's first statement made regarding the controversy surrounding the Smash World Tour's cancellation and behind-the-scenes operations, over 80% Panda's players and commentators from Smash and the wider fighting game community appear to have resigned from the team so far.

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Street Fighter 5 looks more like Dragon Ball FighterZ in this crazy clip between Rashid and Dhalsim

Street Fighter 5 really encourages offense and applying pressure to your opponent, and as a result, we've seen a lot of highlights over the years that showcase high-speed, in your face gameplay. Despite this, some characters can take it even further, with some fans saying these fighters belong in a Marvel vs. Capcom game instead. Apparently, they'd also fit well into Dragon Ball FighterZ.

A clip shared by Dhalsim player ITK_itsukick on Twitter features a wild interaction between their Sim and a Rashid player online that is so high-flying and fast, it looks more like a scene out of Bandai Namco's popular Dragon Ball franchise fighting game.

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Why are fighting games moving away from comeback mechanics?

Comeback mechanics have long been a dirty term for the fighting game community, but despite the general dislike and apathy for the systems, they've featured heavily in the genre for well over a decade.

That position seems to be changing with fighting game developers moving away from or toning down comeback mechanics now, but why is that?

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MultiVersus is no longer the most popular fighting game on PC, nor is it even #2

MultiVersus absolutely destroyed records when it released this Summer as the biggest fighting game launch on PC ever, but it's apparently failed to maintain that momentum and initial success in the following months.

Where Warner Bros.' platform fighter once eclipsed the rest of the genre's active players on Steam combined, MultiVersus has exponentially dropped in its user count to the point where it can't be even the definitive number two in terms of popularity.

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Complete Black Friday 2022 fighting game shopping guide

Update: Our Black Friday fighting game shopping guide has been updated to include the long list of deals available now in the Steam Autumn Sale.

The biggest shopping week of the year is now bearing down on us like a festive wild boar, bringing with it many of the best sales and deals you can find.

Considering there's too many stores and online retailers to keep track of, we've put together a complete Black Friday shopping guide for fighting game fans full of deep discounts and cheer.

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Ultimate Fighting Arena 2022 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Ultimate Fighting Arena is back in action for 2022 and it's taking place in Paris, France again.

Notable players competing at this event include MisterCrimson, PG|Punk, BMS|Wawa, AMTRS|Score, 00|Phenom, Solary|Yasha, JoKa, Solary|Glutonny, CRaZY|SuperAkouma, ZETA|Tea, Oplon|Skyll, Kayne, GIA|Shanks, CO|Go1, KDF|Ulsan, NASR|AngryBird, EDM|Bloom4Eva, Kilzyou, NASR|BigBird, Talon|Kkokkoma, EQNX|CuddleCore, DZ|Noka, The4philzz, GO|Luffy, Chag, HG|Danielmado, BIG|Sephiblack,|Victor, Wade, GIA|Sisqui, Zane, Frionel, Glitch|Nyphi, Zouni, BubblanAB7, VS|WhiteAshX, NEVIR, 8LX|HIKARU and of course many, many more.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ competitors impressively clash attacks for 20 seconds straight during match

Although they don't accomplish much on their own, clashes can create some of the most hype scramble situations in fighting games... or they can be leaned into even more to try and make the anime battle real.

During their set at this week's offline Wanted event, 2 Dragon Ball FighterZ players in Kasuga and Seyhan managed to pull off an impressive sequence where they clashed attacks for basically 20 seconds straight.

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Blink Respawn 2022 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The age of major events taking place all over the world on a near weekly basis is once again upon us, and it's time for the Dominican Republic to give the fighting game community a show that only they can provide.

Blink Respawn 2022 is going down this weekend to bring together many of the best players across North, Central and South America to compete including PG|Punk, FURY|Fatality, GOT|DR Ray, Bandits|MenaRD, Bandits|Caba, Larry Lurr, Bandits|Sonic, LD|Ling, RR|Mono, Crossover, LuiMan20, and plenty more.

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Collaborative tier list created by Alukard, Nitro, Faultything, and Coach Steve depicts Lab Coat Android 21 as still being the best

Patch 1.31 for Dragon Ball FighterZ was the latest balance patch released for the game. Notably, this latest update really made it a point to nerf Lab Coat Android 21 while buffing most of the roster. For better or worse, this appears to be the last balance patch for the game since it was revealed that no adjustments to the game's balance would be made alongside the implementation of rollback netcode.

It would seem that AlukardNY, Rise|Nitro, Faultything, and PROTON|Coach Steve recently collaborated together to create a tier list for Dragon Ball FighterZ. Despite the effort to nerf Lab Coat Android 21, she still appears to be a dominant force within the meta.

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Kumite in Tennessee 2022 The Finale results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

All cool things must eventually come to an end, and it's important to send them out with a big bang whenever possible when it comes to fighting game events.

Kumite in Tennessee 2022: The Finale is doing just that this weekend by bringing together 700 of the strongest players from across the country to compete for one final round including BC|Sabin, PG|Kitana Prime, DF|Grr, Forever King, Doza, TN|Yurikov, Coach Steve, GC|FKang and many more.

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Defend the North 2022 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This weekend will see Defend the North return to action in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.

Notable players attending the event include XSET|iDom, PG|Punk, Justin Wong, RZR|Umisho, Intel|Razzo, TSM|ChrisCCH, Smug, END|Shine, PAR|Ty, PAG|PachuKOF, Justakid, LostSoul, Kudo, LegendaryyPred, Rise|Nitro, BC|NYCFurby, FightingGM, Filipinoman, BLM|Teiga, BV3|Linkorz, Hikari, DEUS|Incendiate, OmegaXcn, NYC|Mashermike, M&I|TempestNYC, NecroUndine, DF|RomeHimself, BC|LordKnight, K7 Showoff, DoubleLL and many more.

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Super Smash Bros. player reenacts Frieza's destruction of Krillin from Dragon Ball both in the game and real life

The big stage at fighting game tournaments is where business gets serious, but that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun for the people watching at home.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player PHNM|Peabnut recently performed a blink-and-you-miss-it reenactment of the iconic Dragon Ball Z scene where Frieza blows up Krillin in front of Goku — although it doesn't quite end quite as perfectly.

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Times the FGC was completely wrong about fighting game character tiers - including a 'C+' who won Evo

Tier lists have become the common way for fighting game players to put out their thoughts on a roster's or particular character's strengths / weaknesses, but as a pretty subjective practice, sometimes you just have the wrong read.

Fighting game content creator Jmcrofts recently released an interesting new video detailing the various times the FGC was incorrect about characters being too strong or too weak until proven otherwise.

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First Attack 2022 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Puerto Rico's premiere fighting game event is back again in 2022 for its 10th year with First Attack 2022 taking place in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Notable players attending include MisterCrimson, Bandits|MenaRD, Bandits|Caba, CLG|ApologyMan, RR|Mono, Bandits|Sonix, EMGG|Justakid, EG|Dekillsage, Rush|Kept, LegendaryyPred, Talon|HotDog29, Knights|2eZ, LuiMan20, ForeverKing, BFL|Yadriel-el-punk, RR|Ajax Fidelity and many more.

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Unused character select animations discovered and restored back into Dragon Ball FighterZ

As fans on the outside, it's pretty much impossible to truly understand how many concepts and ideas go unfinished or scrapped during a fighting game's development, and now is one of the rare times to catch a glimpse of what could have been.

RCBurrito recently made the fascinating discovery that Dragon Ball FighterZ contains cut / unused animations meant for the game's character select screen, and he wen't through the extra trouble of actually modding them back into the PC version.

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Lost Tech City 2022 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Lost Tech City 2022 is happening this weekend in San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

Notable players set to compete at this event include Liquid|Hungrybox, C9|Mango, PG|Plup, Moist|Maister, SSG|Zomba, RB|aMSa, BC|Cosmos, PG|Esam, PG|Marss, FLY|KoDoRiN, Wizzrobe, BC|S2J, Tempo|Axe, MuteAce, PG|WaDi, CRYME|Lui$, Chilly|BassMage, BC|Magi, CLG|SFAT, LG|Ginger, DarkWizzy, Lunar|Skyjay, PAR|Scend, PG|KizzieKay and many more.

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