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Dragon Ball Z stories

Oro seems to be taking extra pages out of Master Roshi's book for his design in Street Fighter 5 though they may both tie back to Japanese mythology

Oro has long stood out among the cast of Street Fighter's wide range of fighters for his age and unique abilities though there's at least one other character from a different popular series that he seems to share quite a bit in common with — especially now.

The Spring Update event for Street Fighter 5 this past week finally showcased Oro's new design and gameplay which further cemented his connection to Dragon Ball's Master Roshi, but just how deep do those ties go?

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Someone figured out how to pull off a 999 hit combo in Dragon Ball FighterZ

You expect to see some high-count combos when you tune into the very rapid-fire action of Dragon Ball FighterZ, but one player has figured out a way to take things to the absolute limit and went and pulled off a whopping 999-monstrosity with Gotenks.

Bruhnemius discovered a 652-hit sequence back on April 2 that they thought was the longest possible in the game. Spoilers: it wasn't, and Bruhnemius was the one to prove it via maxing out the combo counter. Read on to see how they did it.

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ApologyMan and LordKnight reveal what they believe to be the best Z Assists in Dragon Ball FighterZ

The Z Assist mechanic is incredibly useful for controlling the neutral, creating pressure, extending combos and generating resources in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Though a player is often risking the life bar of multiple characters while calling Z Assists during gameplay, the potential reward of such an action far outweighs the risk.

BC|ApologyMan and BC|LordKnight recently collaborated on the Beastcoast FGC YouTube channel to reveal the best Z Assists in Dragon Ball FighterZ. If you're having difficulties trying to figure out which Z Assists you should select to help your point character, this video could help with your decision.

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Rose's brand new Critical Art looks like it came straight out of Dragon Ball Z

Today served as probably the most exciting day for Street Fighter fans in a long time with Capcom showcasing Rose, Oro and Akira during the Spring Update stream, but there's definitely a lot of details placed within that were easy to overlook.

Perhaps chief among them was Rose's new Critical Art that was shown off at the very end of her gameplay matches, and it looks like she straight up pulled it out after watching too much Dragon Ball Z.

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Go1's Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3 tier list reviewed by LordKnight

CO|Go1's final tier list for Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3 was released recently. Evidently, Go1 is a big believer in Gotenks since he is listed as the game's strongest character in Season 3.

In response, BC|LordKnight has released a video that has him reviewing Go1's tier list. Right off the bat, LordKnight points out how there are three "S tier" categories and a "top tier" category. This really highlights how balanced Dragon Ball FigherZ feels right now.

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Go1 releases final tier list for Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3 with full English description

Almost no one in the fighting game community has a resume of winning in multiple fighting game franchises like CO|Go1, and Dragon Ball FighterZ has been his main target for years now landing him multiple Evo and championship appearances.

Now that Season 3 for DBFZ has come to a close with the release of Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, Go1 has created a new tier list alongside a video where he details the changes in English.

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Winter Clash 2021 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

There's a fighting game event today which is open to enter for people from certain Central American regions as well as a few U.S. areas, namely Winter Clash 2021.

Players set to compete include Bandits|MenaRD, Bandits|Caba, DR Mandrake, AAA|Kusanagi, SB|Doomsnake, GOT|DR Ray, Crossover, TMM|LuiMan20, RR|Mono, TMM|Lilo, SpaceBoy, Crescent|NovaSpec, Hermes Venatori, RAPTR5|Jazdero, RH|Zeromex7, GranTodakai, Zaferino and many more.

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Epic Gogeta dramatic battle contains first-person shots, parried supers and a surprise ending to the Super Saiyan 4 vs. Super Saiyan Blue finish

Fusion is one of the most overpowered techniques in all of Dragon Ball's lore that often doesn't get enough time to shine due to its time limitations, but this here captures what fans want to see out of Gogeta when he makes an appearance.

Content creator Shoyoumomo recently released a new video for the "neutral ending" of Super Saiyan 4 vs. Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta's Dramatic Finish showdown, and it's even cooler than what you can do in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

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Nasty mixup with unintentional tech combining Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta and Tien's Supers showcased by Apologyman for Dragon Ball FighterZ

Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta is proving to be a tricky character to master and perhaps trickier to fight against thanks to his unique design and mechanics though there's some tech that almost certainly wasn't planned by the developers.

Longtime fighting game competitor BC|Apologyman, who immediately found out how to collect all seven Dragon Balls with Gogeta in one combo on the first day, recently shared some new tech that makes Tien something he's normally not, a deadly mixup character.

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ApologyMan and LordKnight discuss team-building tips for SS4 Gogeta to deal with his lack of full-screen options in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta is certainly a unique addition to Dragon Ball FighterZ. Aside from his level 3 super, SS4 Gogeta actually has no projectiles or beam attacks that allow him to fight opponents from across the screen. Instead, he has a double air dash and can be a real nightmare for opponents once he's able to get up close.

Due to the way that SS4 Gogeta is designed, he's the type of character that you will need to build your team around to complement his options and limitations. BC|ApologyMan and BC|LordKnight are working together in the latest Beastcoast FGC video upload to discuss how to go about this.

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Cloud805 constructs possibly his last Dragon Ball FighterZ tier list after SS4 Gogeta's release

SS4 Gogeta's release marks the end of Season 3 for Dragon Ball FighterZ. Though the developers have confirmed that they intend to make battle adjustments this year, the lack of Season 4 news has led many to believe that there may not be any additional DLC fighters joining the roster.

As such, Cloud805 has created what might possibly be his last tier list for Dragon Ball FighterZ. Cloud805 even had some thoughts to share on the newest character, SS4 Gogeta.

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Raid boss Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta doesn't care about ruining your day or friendships with his shenanigans in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta certainly turned heads when he joined the ranks of Dragon Ball FighterZ with his unique abilities to KO characters in one attack and summon Shenron easier than anyone else, but what happens when all of those tools are made actually unfair to fight against?

Well, the raid boss version of the fused Saiyan is here to test the absolute limits of your execution and friendships with Lythero, Zyzx and IHeartJustice showcasing what makes this co-op challenge so exhilarating, frustrating and crazy at the same time that left them all screaming.

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2 reasons why your SS4 Gogeta combos keep dropping in Dragon Ball FighterZ and some tricks to make them more consistent

Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta is most definitely turning heads in the world of Dragon Ball FighterZ as the game's newest comer is both powerful and relatively unique, but getting used to new things can be tricky and many players have been having a difficult time with some of his most crucial sequences.

If you're one of the many fumbling with the character's go-to combos, there are two key reasons why you're likely having trouble: his particularly precise re-jumps and air extensions. Thankfully, RathFGC has come up with some tips to make your life much easier.

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Pro Dragon Ball FighterZ player wipes out entire team with three of SS4 Gogeta's stage 7 level 3 supers and it's unreal to watch

One of the most compelling reasons to play Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3's latest DLC character, is his ability to level himself up mid-match and increase the damage on his supers. If he reaches maximum level, level 7 (or stage 7 as we like to call it), his level 3 super will instantly KO any character on the roster if it hits successfully.

Needless to say, such power requires careful and intricate set up to use properly in real matches. That being said, it looks as though professional DBFZ player ReynaldJT has not only been able to construct a team where leveling up successfully is the main focus, but recently managed to land a stage 7 level 3 super on every one of his opponent's characters effectively wiping out the entire team primarily with these ultra-powered attacks.

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SS4 Gogeta Dragon Ball FighterZ review: A revolving door of offensive options that will be terrifying in the hands of a master

Dragon Ball FighterZ has capped off its third season with the release of Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. The powerful Saiyan hailing from the Dragon Ball GT series adds basically another iteration of Goku and Vegeta to the roster, but one that still manages to feel like a unique contender.

Gogeta isn't a character for the feint of heart. He's going to require a serious level of dedication and practice to play effectively, but with a revolving door of strong offensive options at his disposal, I fear (and am excited to see) what kind of damage master level competitors will be able to do with him.

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Omega Shenron's data-mined hint that he could be coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ is now debunked with Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta's inclusion

Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta's release last week marked the end of Season 3 for Dragon Ball FighterZ which has fans wondering if there's going to be any more content coming to the game or if the developers are moving on to something new.

One of the biggest data-mines of DBFZ pretty clearly referenced the final boss of Dragon Ball GT, Omega Shenron, but now we can see things weren't quite what we thought after all.

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Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta can level up five times in one practical combo if you have the right team in Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3

One of the traits that makes Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3's newest DLC character, Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, unique is that he has the ability to level up mid-match. The higher the player is able to build the levels, the more damage Gogeta's super attacks will do — which can lead to a level 3 that KOs every character instantly.

Naturally, because of the potential power SS4 Gogeta's levels provide, it can be tricky to actually acquire the level ups safely. Fortunately, ApologyMan has shared a clip on Twitter showing how you can net five level ups in one practical combo using a team of SS4 Gogeta, Piccolo, and Tien.

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