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Cosplay stories

Coco Vanilla cosplays as Zero Suit Samus in her skintight outfit

Part of the reason why Samus is such a gaming icon is due to the big twist at the end of Metroid back when it was released in August 1986. Players were none the wiser to the fact that the character underneath that Power Suit was a female. The developers even intentionally described Samus as a male in the manual to throw everyone off to the big twist waiting at the end.

Nearly 20 years later in February 2004, Metroid: Zero Mission was released as a remake of the original Metroid. This game ended up being the playable debut of Zero Suit Samus.

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Virtual Geisha pulls off daring poses during Cammy White cosplay

Cammy White is one of the most popular characters within Capcom's Street Fighter series. She made her debut appearance in Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers back when it was released in the arcades in September 10, 1993 and September 11, 1993 in Japan and North America respectively.

Throughout her appearances in Street Fighter 2 versions, Cammy was typically regarded as one of the weakest overall characters. However, she has typically been in the upper portion of tier lists with some of the more recent Street Fighter entries.

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Yuriko Tiger's PERFECT Street Fighter 6 Manon steals the spotlight at Tokyo Game Show

We're bringing you a cosplay today that was showcased during the very recent Tokyo Game Show 2023 as Yuriko Tiger brings Street Fighter 6's Manon to life in perhaps the most spot on cosplay of the newcomer we've seen yet.

Not only does Yuriko nail the costume, but she adds that feels like Manon's broad shoulders and more athletic shape match with her own body in a way that most of the cosplays she's done in recent times (she tends toward smaller and cuter characters) simply do not. As such, she's particularly proud of the way this one turned out.

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RainbowRaven boldly poses as Cammy in the Shadaloo dictator alternate and Zero Suit Samus covered in slime during cosplays

We recently took notice of RainbowRaven's Instagram page. In particular, some of the photos taken by Cos Pix Creation of her Cammy and Zero Suit Samus cosplay were particularly eye-catching.

Of course, Cammy's popularity among fans of the Street Fighter series has made her a common target for cosplayers. Cammy made her video game debut in Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers when it was released on September 10, 1993 and September 11, 1993 in the arcades for Japan and North America respectively.

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Deadly beauty on display: Epic Mortal Kombat 1 Kitana cosplay will unleash your inner warrior

We suspected the talented Caytie Cosplay might be rolling out a new Mortal Kombat cosplay here in the earliest days of Mortal Kombat 1, and she hasn't disappointed in the slightest.

Caytie becomes one of the most popular characters since her franchise debut in Mortal Kombat 2: Kitana. While she retains her trademark style consisting of regal and blue attire, her costume has changed a decent bit in Mortal Kombat 1.

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Alicia Marie unveils her badass and sexy female Rain cosplay to go with her amazingly detailed Kotal Kahn

Mortal Kombat 1 has finally and officially arrived on the scene, and some in the cosplay community have been waiting for this day to show off what they've been cooking up.

Professional cosplayer Alicia Marie just unveiled her ridiculously detailed and badass female version of Rain's new design that goes great with her Kotal Kahn and other previous fantastic creations.

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Graciethecosplaylass pulls off sexy and bold poses as Street Fighter's Cammy White in the green leotard

Cammy White is one of the most popular characters from the Street Fighter series. Compared to the other fighters that made their debut in Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers at the arcades back in 1993, Cammy is the only one that has been playable for all of Street Fighter 4, Street Fighter 5, and Street Fighter 6.

As such, Cammy has become a popular target for cosplayers to pose as. One such cosplayer is Grace 'Graciethecosplaylass' McClung on Instagram.

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From top Kahn to bikinis and beyond, Jessacosplay pulls off multiple versions of Mileena, but which is your favorite?

Although Kitana and Sonya Blade are typically seen as the leading ladies of Mortal Kombat, there's so many guys, girls and Tarkatans around the realms who hold Mileena as the top spot in their hearts.

Venezuela's Jessacosplay certainly appears to be one such mega fan considering she's put together multiple Mortal Kombat cosplays for Mileena, but which is your favorite?

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Japanese cosplayer Mamichi makes Juri look even more sinister and gorgeous than if she was ripped directly out of Street Fighter

It's certainly not the hardest thing in the world to physically put on and wear a cosplay (most of the time), but it takes someone special to truly embody a character and make it come across.

Japanese cosplayer Mamichi is the latest talent to catch our Feng Shui Engine loving eyes for her Juri that is so gorgeous that she looks better than if the actual character herself walked out of Street Fighter and struck the same poses.

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You'll need to fan off after seeing Destiny Fomo's curvy Kitana Mortal Kombat cosplay

With Mortal Kombat 1's September 19 release date drawing ever nearer the hype and excitement for the franchise's newest chapter grows exponentially. Keeping in step with all the latest news we're featuring the beautiful Destiny Fomo as she's got some breathtaking Kitana cosplay photos.

Destiny takes us back to the days of Mortal Kombat 2011 (often referred to as MK9) as she dons one of the Edenian princess' more revealing outfits.

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All the best angles are captured during Jsgcosplay's Cammy White cosplay

Cammy White is one of the more popular characters from the Street Fighter series ever since her debut in Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers, released on September 10, 1993 in Japan and September 11, 1993 in North America. Compared to the other combatants that were first made playable with The New Challengers, Cammy is the only character to appear as part of the base rosters for all of Street Fighter 4 (as an unlockable character), Street Fighter 5, and Street Fighter 6.

Though she was noted as being a 19-year-old female special forces agent from England that had some mysterious past connected to M. Bison, she was actually working with Delta Red against M. Bison and Shadaloo. Ultimately though, Cammy's ending ended up raising more questions than answers about Cammy's past since M. Bison was clearly lying during his interrogation.

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Miss Thickems lives up to her name in these sexy Kitana, Mileena, and Jade cosplays

Content creator, entrepreneur and cosplayer are just a few of the titles in front of the lovely Miss Thickems's name. The talented entertainer from Los Angeles has passions for both gaming and being in front of the camera, and thus the two are married in her beautiful Mortal Kombat cosplays.

Miss T has a few collections of photos as she poses as some of the fighting game franchise's most popular characters: Kitana, Mileena, and Jade. We've rounded them up for you to check out below.

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Akemikun's Lili cosplay may be even more perfect than her Juri while her Bride 2B is really something else

It's always nice to see people within the artistic side of the fighting game community get recognized for their hard work, and that certainly includes cosplayers too.

Akemikun is one such cosplayer we've covered a few times on the site for her perfect Street Fighter 6 Juri, but combine that with her Tekken 8 Lili and Bride 2B to see why she's nominated for cosplayer of the year at the Esports Awards 2023.

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Hollywolfirl shows off how powerful her thighs are during amazing Chun-Li cosplay

There's a reason why Chun-Li is often referred to as the "first lady of fighting games." Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior was marked as the first time a female character was playable in a fighting game back when it was released on the arcades on February 6, 1991.

Though Chun-Li has had many costumes throughout her appearances, none of them are as recognizable or iconic as her default appearance. She typically wears spiked bracelets, a blue qipao with golden accents, white boots, and a blue leotard with dark brown pantyhose.

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ItsKawaiiKitten's sexy retro Mortal Kombat Sonya Blade cosplay will help you forget that the fighter isn't playable in Mortal Kombat 1 yet

Sonya Blade has not yet been revealed as a main roster playable character in Mortal Kombat 1 just yet. Though a retro version of her is currently available as a Kameo Fighter in the game, I understand that fans of the Mortal Kombat staple probably aren't too thrilled that she hasn't been revealed as playable yet โ€” especially with the game's launch being right around the corner.

Fans are definitely wondering where Sonya is in Mortal Kombat 1 and are currently being vocal about her absence on social media, so as a means of helping the masses forget โ€” even for just a moment โ€” that she's not on the playable cast, today we're taking a look at some truly godlike cosplay of none other than Ms. Sonya Blade from Mortal Kombat. Seasoned cosplayer ItsKawaiiKitten has put together a sexy and exceptional retro Sonya cosplay that you'll definitely want to take a look at.

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It doesn't get much cuter than Starry Marie's Sakura cosplays

Though she has yet to appear in Street Fighter 6, Sakura Kasagano has one of the largest fan bases in the Street Fighter franchise. The young schoolgirl with burgeoning skills is characterized by strong senses of both innocence and ability, and with the occasional sprinkling of naivety, maintains an exceptionally lovable personality.

Cosplayer Starry Marie has taken on a handful of Sakura's looks in recent times, and captures the character's cuteness in a way few can match. Continue on to see for yourself.

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Peachmilky takes on alluring poses during Street Fighter 6 Cammy cosplay

There's no doubt that Cammy is one of the most popular characters within Capcom's Street Fighter series. Compared to the other combatants that debuted in Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers (released in September 1993 in the arcades), Cammy is the only one that kept returning for the base rosters of Street Fighter 4 (originally as an unlockable fighter), Street Fighter 5, and Street Fighter 6.

Cammy is often the target of cosplayers. With this in mind, we recently took notice of Peachmilky's Instagram page where she has several photos of herself cosplaying as Cammy.

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