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Character usage stories

After starting with 1000+ players, can you guess the most popular Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character used at UFA 2023?

If we didn't already have Melee as a precedent, we'd say it's pretty astounding that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is still pulling 1,000+ comeptitors for offline majors 5 years since the game first released.

Ultimate Fighting Arena 2023 gave us all another classic super major this weekend, and now that the action has concluded, we've gone back and put together the breakdown for the characters used.

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Update: Every Street Fighter 6 character saw play at Ultimate Fighting Arena after Lily showed up in top 8

Update: This story has been updated with the final statistics for top 96 that includes some notable changes as well as the character breakdown for top 32 now too.

Street Fighter 6 tournaments have been going down for nearly six months at this point, and while parts of the meta are certainly still developing / evolving, others are seeming a bit consistent.

Almost 550 players flew out to France this weekend to take part in SF6 at the Ultimate Fighting Arena 2023, and now that the action is gearing up for its final day, we've gone back over the results to see which characters are seeing the most and least amount of play.

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JP's having a big weekend at Thaiger Uppercut but he's technically not the most popular character at the Street Fighter 6 event

While many of the Street Fighter 6 pros are in France for the Capcom Pro Tour Premier event, that doesn't mean it's the only tournament of note for the game this weekend.

Many of the best players from Southeast Asia and beyond have gathered in Thailand for Thaiger Uppercut 2023 where we've gone through and put together character stats ahead of the finals.

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Character stats for the last Tekken World Tour major of Tekken 7's life before Finals

The long road for Tekken 7's competitive scene is finally approaching its end after six and a half years (and even longer in arcades), but we're not there just yet.

Thaiger Uppercut 2023 is going down this weekend as the last Master Event for the Tekken World Tour in Tekken 7's life, and we've got the breakdown now of which characters the top players are using to try and punch their tickets to the finals.

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As many Manons and Zangiefs as JP? Street Fighter 6 character stats for Capcom Pro Tour 2023 France Offline

The majority of Street Fighter 6 events are online these days, and while the far-reaching accessibility for so many that comes with that fact is wonderful, there's nothing quite like offline competition. We just so happen to have Capcom Pro Tour 2023 France Offline playing out this weekend in Paris, and the top 64 has already been decided.

We've tracked down the character usage for each and every one of these high-placing contenders so as to get an updated snapshot of which of the game's 20 available combatants are seeing the most success when the chips are down.

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Street Fighter 6 character stats for First Attack 2023 and Capcom Pro Tour Europe North/East

It's the end of another weekend, which means we've got more big fighting game events going down for the community to compete in and enjoy.

Now that all of the action has basically wrapped up, we've gone back for two of the Street Fighter 6 majors between First Attack 2023 and the Capcom Pro Tour 2023 Europe North/East tournaments to see which characters showed up to play the most.

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East Coast Throwdown's huge Street Fighter 6 tournament was super diverse for characters where JP and Ken weren't even top picks

Despite Street Fighter 6's strong roster of characters almost across the board, we typically see a pretty high percentage of JP and Ken players at big events, but that wasn't so much the case this past weekend.

East Coast Throwdown 2023 brought in almost 500 competitors for SF6, and now that the action has wrapped, we can see that the usual top tiers didn't quite dominate the way they usually do as of late.

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Mortal Kombat 1 character stats for ECT 2023 reveal most popular picks at first Pro Kompetition event

Even though we all just learned about it not too long ago, the Mortal Kombat Pro Kompetition is already underway with the first offline event this weekend.

Now that the finals are approaching for East Coast Throwdown 2023, we've put together the character stats for Mortal Kombat 1 to see which fighters have shown up the most at this pivotal major.

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The world's #1 A.K.I. secures top 64 while Ken, JP, and Luke dominate Street Fighter 6 character usage at CPT 2023 Singapore Offline

One of the most stacked and important stops on the Capcom Pro Tour 2023 so far is taking place this weekend. The Capcom Pro Tour 2023 Singapore Offline has officially wrapped up its first day of action, and the winner of this event will not only take home a solid portion of the $37,000 prize pool, but will also secure themselves one of the highly coveted spots at Capcom Cup X.

There is a veritable who's who of players competing at this tournament, from Rohto|Tokido and BST|Daigo to Eva-E|Hikaru, the world's highest ranked A.K.I. player online. Today we're taking a look at the top 64 and top 16 Street Fighter 6 character usage stats from the event to see which fighters are being used in the higher levels of this competition, as well as how often they're being played.

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Top 100 MR ranked characters in Street Fighter 6 after giving A.K.I. time to settle in with only 2 missing the party

It's been about two and a half months already since Street Fighter 6 first introduced MR ranking system to try and give players more to strive for beyond just grinding League Points.

Now that A.K.I.'s been given some more time to settle into the game as the latest DLC character, we've decided to go through and see who all is (and isn't) up there in the top 100 MR.

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The most popular Street Fighter 6 character picks from CEOtaku and Capcom Pro Tour Brazil

The tournament season for Street Fighter 6 has been up and running for a few months now, which has gotten to the point of giving fans sometimes multiple majors in the same week.

We got pretty lucky with that again this weekend with hundreds of players signed up to compete at CEOtaku 2023 and the Capcom Pro Tour Brazil events, and we've gone back now through the brackets to see which characters were showing up the most.

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Havik surprisingly turned out to be the most popular fighter in the top 16 at CEOtaku 2023's Mortal Kombat 1 tournament

Mortal Kombat 1 was recently released worldwide. As such, over 100 players signed up to compete at the Mortal Kombat 1 tournament being held at CEOtaku 2023, providing our first real glance at how the game's meta is shaping up.

Looking at the top 16 performing players at the event, there were only 10 characters out of 23 that were used. Additionally, only one player used a secondary, which happens to be Shang Tsung's only appearance in the top 16.

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Character stats for Capcom Pro Tour US/Canada West reveal some rare Street Fighter 6 picks making it very far in the bracket

The Capcom Pro Tour 2023 season is now fully underway with more players than ever signing up for the online events to try to punch their ticket to the Street Fighter 6 finals for a chance at the $2 million prize pool.

Now that the first day of action for CPT US/Canada West has wound down for the first day, we've gone back and gathered up the stats to see some surprising character picks making it to the top 8 of the stacked bracket.

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All characters the top 100 MR ranked players are using in Street Fighter 6 where only 1 is totally absent

Three weeks ago, Capcom introduced a better way to rank top players based on their performance in Street Fighter 6 through the Master Rate system.

After seeing BST|Daigo Umehara reach number one in the world for a time and the caliber of other competitors up there, it got us very curious to see which characters each of the top 100 MR ranked players are using right now.

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Marisa was almost the most picked Street Fighter 6 character at VSFighting XI while only 3 didn't show up in the top 64

Just a few weeks after Evo 2023 featured the largest Street Fighter tournament ever, VSFighting XI is running the biggest Street Fighter 6 offline major in Europe so far this weekend.

Now that the action at the big event has been whittled down to the final competitors, we've gone back and broken down all of the SF6 characters picked in the top 64.

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Capcom releases online Street Fighter 6 character stat rankings for July to show the most popular characters for each rank

Street Fighter 6 now has 19 different characters to choose from when going into battle, but obviously, some are going to be more popular than others.

Capcom has now released the official character usage data for July 2023, revealing the top 5 SF6 characters used across the game's online ranks throughout the month.

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Chun-Li was the most popular overall but nobody using her made it into the top 12 at Gamers8 2023

The big tournament occupying the attention of Street Fighter 6 fans this weekend is Gamers8 2023. This was an invitational event in which 32 players competed for the $1,000,000 prize pool.

This provides us with another interesting opportunity to gauge the meta of Street Fighter 6 by looking at the character usage stats for the event. As such, we've taken a look at the characters used by all 32 players and compared them to the top 12 placers of the event.

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