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BlazBlue stories

Click Burgundy is more than talented enough to get hired to work on fighting games but then we wouldn't get amazing fan art like this

Many or most artists dream of putting their own mark on their favorite properties, but there's something special about creating from the heart while on the outside.

Japanese artist Click Burgundy is one of the FGC's greatest talents not on the sticks, who would do amazing work designing characters for fighting games officially, but then we wouldn't be receiving awesome portraits like these anymore.

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Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 rollback netcode public test begins October 17, 2022

At CEOTaku 2022, it was revealed that the development of rollback netcode for Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 and Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator had begun for Arc System Works. At the time, we weren't given any exact dates, but we were told that a public beta test for rollback netcode was slated to begin sometime in late October.

Earlier today, Arc System Works announced that the public beta test for the implementation of Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2's rollback netcode would begin on October 17, 2022. The test will only be available on Steam, so console owners will have to wait a bit longer.

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CEOtaku 2022 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This weekend sees the return of one of the grandest events under the CEO banner, namely CEOtaku and it will be happening in Orlando, Florida.

Notable players set to compete include PG|Punk, SonicFox, RZR|Umisho, Moist|Hotashi, TSM|Leffen, M&I|TempestNYC, EMGG|Masoma, Rise|Nitro, ZomBmu, VG|MysticSmash, Excedrin|Solstice, Jona, Elyon, Diaphone, ScrawtVermillion, EG|Dekillsage, PAR|FlashMetroid, WPG|Clearlamp_o, Lucar, Buscar Luz, Intel|Razzo, CATPION|Daymendou, Foo, G.U.|Monarch, TectalEastside, FF|ElvenShadow, RW|Cloud, Shuaboo, BrkrDave, Hiari, Uri, Zando, Grover, Neokarsh, BeautifulDude, WPC|Mahouko, Kuro, MadBestKiller, October, Woocash, Bean, Seth, Nezu, TAYSTON|Silent, Clim, Rikir, Skeletal Minion, OmegaTomHanksFL and many more.

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Celtic Throwdown 2022 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Celtic Throwdown 2022 is back in action this year and will as always be taking place in Dublin, Ireland.

Notable players set to compete include Solary|Yasha, Kaneandtrench, RooKang, Fergus, NSxC|PataChu, NSxC|WhiteBl4ck, HG|Danielmado, KPB|JDR, Cobelcog, VDV|KingRasta, Layo, SnakeBelmont, Ed|Dudeakoff, Ducky, Chickenmaru, Virum, C4IQ|Suiryuudan and many more.

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Creator of the BlazBlue series Mori Toshimichi announces departure from Arc System Works after nearly 20 years

Late last night, it was announced that Mori Toshimichi, producer and creator of the BlazBlue series, is leaving Arc System Works. Being that Mori begun working at Arc System Works on October 1, 2003, he's been with the company for nearly 20 years.

Throughout his time at Arc System Works, Mori had been involved in the development of games like Guilty Gear Isuka, Guilty Gear XX Slash, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, BlazBlue: Central Fiction, and BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle.

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Guilty Gear Strive, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle finally headed to Xbox

The hottest fighting game news to come out of today's Tokyo Game Show presentation has to be the new Street Fighter 6 content, but fans of both Guilty Gear and BlazBlue have reason to rejoice as well.

Neither Strive, which released earlier this year on both PC and PlayStation consoles, nor 2018's BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle have been available on Xbox platforms... but that will be changing in the not too distant future.

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Treta Championship Series 2022 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This week will be seeing the Treta Championship Series returning to offline for its 2022 edition and it's taking place in São José dos Pinhais, Brazil.

Notable players set to attend include Shodown|Jah_lexe, FSN|Lukitu, Shodown|Chuchu, Shodown|NieL, FSN|Leoxaves, Konqueror249, KillerXinok, UA|Nathan, VF|Trema, TSD|GotM, FSN|Player 7 and many more.

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East Coast Throwdown 2022 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This weekend will see East Coast Throwdown throwing down once more as an offline event and it's taking place in Stamford, Connecticut.

Notable players attending this event include PG|Punk, XSET|iDom, RZR|Umisho, Solary|Yasha, END|Shine, Kudo, Rise|Nitro, PG|KizzieKay, K7 Showoff, LegendaryyPred, 860|Kite, STG|Zippy, SonicSol, BloodHawk, MetroM, Magnegro, JxK|Spaceboy and many more.

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From slippery floors to in your face flatulence, these are 10 of the most disrespectful Supers in fighting games

Super moves continue to be one of the premier feature of fighting games over 30 years since they were first implemented to bring they hype, but not all of them are made to play nice.

The aptly named content creator MrTopTenList recently released a fun new video counting down his top 10 picks for the most disrespectful Supers in all of fighting games.

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Save 35% on The King of Fighters 15 and more hot fighting game deals in the PlayStation Summer Sale

I think it's safe to say that the Summer is really heating up right now, so it's kinda the perfect time to stay inside with some cheaper video games.

Sony has now launched its PlayStation Summer Sale, which includes a bunch of nice discounts to big fighting games and their DLC.

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Update: Arc System Works releases new BlazBlue update to stop security vulnerability in the game

Update: Arc System Works has now released a new update for BlazBlue: Central Fiction on Steam to close the security vulnerability that left players open to potential malware. You can find their statement and the original story below.

Players who enjoy themselves some BlazBlue: Central Fiction on Steam should probably be extra careful about who they match up against right now.

There are multiple reports circulating that hackers are allegedly targeting BlazBlue players with forced malware installation, which could severely compromise PC security.

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Side-scrolling action game spinoff within the BlazBlue universe appears to be in development, reportedly 'authorized by BlazBlue'

Over on TapTap, a mobile game sharing website, an interesting trailer and description for a game called "Chaos Effect" has been dropped. This appears to be some sort of side-scrolling platformer, but fans of the BlazBlue series should be able to recognize numerous characters that are shown to be playable.

Indeed, Chaos Effect is supposedly stated to be a Roguelike action game within the BlazBlue universe. Although no official word has been released by Arc System Works, the Chinese listing is reportedly saying that Chaos Effect is a "derivative work authorized by BlazBlue."

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The fever dream of seeing Guilty Gear and BlazBlue's protagonists do battle may soon become a reality thanks to slick new Strive mod

Despite their similarities, Arc System Works have largely kept their two most successful original fighting game franchises, Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, largely separate from one another for well over a decade now.

That may soon be changing, however, with a slick upcoming mod created by WistfulHopes / Ryn that adds Ragna the Bloodegde as a playable character to Guilty Gear Strive.

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CEO 2022 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This weekend will be seeing the grand return of one of the biggest offline majors, namely CEO 2022 which is taking place in Daytona Beach, Florida, U.S.A.

There are far too many notable players attending to list them all, but here's just a mere sample of who's going to be there — PG|Punk, Intel|Razzo, XSET|iDom, PG|Plup, TSM|Tweek, DUSG|Gen, RB|Anakin, TMG|Tamago, Moist|Hotashi, CGL|K7 Showoff, NYChrisG, Talon|Book, Liquid|Hungrybox, BMS|Wawa, PGW|Ren, Justin Wong, Liquid|Riddles, Bandits|MenaRD, TxC|ViolentKain, Rise|Nitro, RR|Mono, AR|Wero Asamiya, RYO, Liquid|Dabuz, VGIA|Shanks, Bandits|Caba, DUSG|Rangchu, Exceed|Solstice, Smug, Pako, BC|ApologyMan, Nephew, Hive|LegendaryyPred, Shadow20z, TxC|Khriz, PG|KizzieKay, PG|HookGangGod, ScrawtVermillion, END|Shine, Buscar Luz, Kasuga, EMGG|Justakid, PAR|FlashMetroid, Mundank, LZR|Hayatei, CRaZY|SuperAkouma, PG|MarlinPie, MEGA|ArnKratos, CLG|Brian_F, DEUS|Incendiate, Monarch, DUSG|Pinya, Damdai, ElChakotay, RayRay, YARUCREW|Macho, BAN|Sonix, Zomba, Gosain, END|Shine, OmegaXcn, Shuaboo, Paragon|Myran, MVD, MuteAce, DZ|Jonathan Tene, BC|LordKnight, TS1|Cookye, VIEJOS|Gandido, PartyWolf, Jake, PG|Marss, JakeyTheSnakey, Jram, Spiral|Krudo, Arlieth and more.

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PlayStation's Mid-Year Sale includes Guilty Gear Strive at the lowest price we've seen plus King of Fighters 15 and more sweet deals

Now that Summer is basically upon us, you could go and enjoy some nice outdoor activities, but you could also stay inside and kick the butts of your friends and family in some cheap fighting games.

PlayStation is currently running their Mid-Year and Level Up Sales, which includes the lowest price we've seen for Guilty Gear Strive digitally plus sweet deals on The King of Fighters 15 and a bunch of other fighting games / DLC.

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Poll Results: Who are the best and worst dads or father figures in fighting games?

Update: Voting has come to a close for our latest polls, so you can see who the community picked as their best / worst fighting game dads below.

In case you haven't looked at a calendar, today happens to be Father's Day, which a ton of fighting game characters probably have some complex and conflicted feelings about.

From Tekken to Dead or Alive, the genre has a unique mix of dads and adoptive father figures who are either the biggest dirtbags on Earth or surprisingly wholesome, but which among them could be considered the best of the best or being awful?

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Here's the full list of fighting games included on PlayStation Plus' newly launched subscription service

We've been hearing about PlayStation's plans to incorporate a new subscription service to try and rival the Xbox Game Pass, and now it's finally time to see what it's all about.

Sony has officially launched the new PlayStation Plus service featuring hundreds of titles from the original console up to the PlayStation 5, and there's a good bit of fighting games on the table too.

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