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IDom endures an absolute onslaught of JP's zoning to score the longest perfect we've seen in Street Fighter 6 yet

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • September 22, 2023 at 12:49 p.m. PDT • Comments: 21

One of Street Fighter 5's best players ever, iDom, has been a loyal Manon player in Street Fighter 6 since shortly after launch. As a grappler character who has to use a lot of patience to get in and bide their time to strike, facing a heavy zoning character like JP can be a war of attrition.

In a recent clip from iDom's stream, the top level competitor pulled off an incredible feat by using unreal patience and having an unbreakable mind. IDom managed to endure JP's incredibly oppressive full screen zoning for almost an entire round before scoring what has to be the longest perfect we have ever seen in Street Fighter 6.

HiFight grabbed and shared the clip on Twitter yesterday, and since then, the fighting game community has been marveling at it. We see the full round from start to finish, and this round happened to be the final and the decider of who would win the game.

Right out of the gate, iDom is pushed back by blocking the JP player's Overdrive spike. From there, they continue to toss out ground spikes, fireballs, fake fireballs, and portals to keep iDom locked down.

Generally speaking, several characters in Street Fighter 6 are capable of using a raw Drive Rush to dash through the projectiles and close the gap on JP if timed correctly. However, grapplers like Manon have weaker Drive Rushes, so this option generally isn't one that works well for her.

With that in mind, iDom simply has to block, parry, and avoid projectiles as best he can in order to find an opening that will allow him to push forward.

After a staggering 57 in-game seconds, the JP attempts to get tricky and teleports in using one of his portals. IDom manages to react and punish the teleport for a quick combo into Manon's level 3 super.

From there, iDom still takes a couple of attempts to close the distance again and regain space against JP. A big jump in combo pushes JP to the corner, and through careful counters, reads, and maneuvers is able to keep JP pinned into the corner until he scores the win.

When all is said and done, iDom walks away with a perfect with the in-game clock reading 12 seconds. This means iDom pulled off an unreal 87-second perfect here in Street Fighter 6 making for one of the most impressive highlights we've seen come from this game so far.

"That was the longest perfect I've ever had in a fighting game," iDom said on stream after his accomplishment.

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