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Street Fighter 6 adding new 'Legend' rank in Master League Phase 2 beginning November 1, new training mode features inbound

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • September 21, 2023 at 8 a.m. PDT • Comments: 23

Capcom showcased what all is coming to Street Fighter 6 here in the near future during their Capcom Online Program presentation at Tokyo Game Show 2023. While we didn't quite get a teaser for the game's next DLC character, Ed, the company behind the long-running fighting game franchise did reveal some hot new info.

Street Fighter 6 is gearing up to add A.K.I., the game's second DLC fighter, to the playable roster next week, but not long after that fans can look forward to even more content. Capcom announced that they will be adding a new highest rank to the game's online play, called Legend rank, as well as new training mode features.

At this point in time, Street Fighter 6's Master League — the online ranked league that sees Master-level players compete for special "MR" (Master Rate) points — is currently in phase 1. From what we've learned today, it appears the league's next phase will be starting up on November 1.

On that same date, players will be able to strive for what will be an undoubtedly highly coveted rank, Legend, which will only be awarded to the top 500 players on the leaderboards. From the sound of it, we won't be tasked with reaching a certain points threshold to obtain Legend, but rather, the 500 players who have the most Master Rate will likely be given the Legend rank.

Players who have reached the top 500 by the time the phase has ended will be rewarded with a special in-game title.

The game's training mode will also be receiving improvements that aim to make practicing easier. Capcom notes that this mode will be "enriched with the addition of more detailed settings."

According to the showcase, things that will see improvements include training mode shortcut settings, reversal settings, frame meter, recording settings, and more. It wasn't directly stated when these training mode enhancements will be implemented, but footage of A.K.I. taking advantage of them was shown during the broadcast implying that they will be included with the next DLC fighter update.

Street Fighter 6 Legend rank and new training options image #1 Street Fighter 6 Legend rank and new training options image #2 Street Fighter 6 Legend rank and new training options image #3
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Capcom also announced that a collaboration with Meiji is en route, which will allow players to score special avatar items, and a Halloween Fighting Pass is also coming in October. Further details on both events were not given at this time.

As far as DLC characters go, Capcom reminded viewers that following A.K.I., Street Fighter 6 will add Street Fighter 5's Ed and legacy character Akuma. Ed will be released in Winter 2024 (confirmed to be in the new year), and Akuma will be joining in Spring 2024.

A.K.I. is set for release on September 27. The poisonous newcomer is the apprentice of Street Fighter 5's F.A.N.G, and much like her master has the ability to inflict poison on the opponent that slowly drains their health.

If you'd like to learn more about how A.K.I. plays in Street Fighter 6, be sure to check out the A.K.I. character breakdown that Capcom released earlier this week. In it, the company demonstrates all of her moves, what they do, and how they can be applied in battle.

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