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Desk travels through 30+ years of infinite combo history in 30+ different fighting games

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • September 5, 2023 at 4:18 a.m. PDT • Comments: 4

Infinite combos aren't exactly healthy for a fighting game, but they do offer up a unique sense of novelty that comes from feeling like you're breaking all the rules and having the power to do so.

The one and only combo maestro, Desk, recently just released his latest project traveling through over 30 years of history for infinite combos and just as many different titles.

Although it's not the first chronologically, Desk starts out with Battle Arena Toshinden all the way back in 1995 with Ellis getting to loop her strike into slide over and over again followed up by some original Killer Instinct with Cinder's never-ending flip kick Ultra Combo.

We even get some unexpected inclusions like Marvel's War of the Gems on the SNES, Virtua Fighter 2 on the Sega Genesis, Breaker's Revenge, whatever Oedo Fight is, Angel Eyes, and Primal Rage.

And then there's of course your staples like multiple Street Fighters, Mortal Kombats, Marvel vs. Capcoms, King of Fighters, Tekken and more.

You even get a 2023 title in there technically with the crazy stuff you can do with custom avatars in Street Fighter 6.

Even though the game is absolutely infamous for them, Desk says the hardest time he had putting this all together was doing Hokuto no Ken because he had to learn how to actually use the dribble system before getting into the combos themselves.

It's wild to think how much time, dedication and dexterity had to go into making this a reality, but Desk has given us almost nine minutes of combo greatness throughout history that we recommend checking out below.

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