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Cooperation Cup 18 and Beat Tribe Cup 18 results

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • May 14, 2023 at 5:40 a.m. PDT • Comments: 15

Update: This story has been updated with final results for both events.

This weekend, the first DreamHack Japan is taking place and at it we have some extravagant fighting game events going on, most notably the 18th Cooperation Cup for Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike as well as the 18th Beat Tribe Cup for Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown.

Notable players participating include Victrix|Momochi, Haitani, Deshiken, Nuki, Kokujin, MOV, RX, Boss, Hayao, Sho, Raoh, Mester, Kindevu, Kuni, Pierrot, Tominaga, Higa, Genki, KSK, Sugiyama and of course many more.

Although the headline of this story focuses on Cooperation Cup due to it being a bigger deal outside of Japan, we will also be including the results for the Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Shodown Beat Tribe Cup in this story, so rest assured that all of your fighting game needs for this weekend will be covered.

Both of these events are played in a 5v5 format, so every entry is made with 5 players teaming together to try and grab the ultimate glory at the end of the road.

There's no shortage of entrants either — Cooperation Cup lands at a whopping 85 teams, meaning that 425 players have entered the competition. Even then, the Beat Tribe Cup manages to outdo that number with 125 teams signed up, thereby totaling 630 players in the event.

The Japanese stream is being done at Game Newton with an English stream hosted by Majin Obama.

Cooperation Cup 18 — Results

1. 3rd Monster
- Michael (Chun-Li)
- Boss (Yun)
- GS|Sho (Yun)
- Yomoda (Dudley)
- Mimora (Makoto)

2. Nuki Children
- Kuni (Ryu)
- Nuki (Chun-Li)
- Genki (Alex)
- Pierrot (Remy)
- Otayado no Tokura (Yang)

3. GSCI Gamer in Fukuoka
- RB (Urien)
- Koudai (Yang)
- Koupun (Ibuki)
- C (Makoto)
- Inoue Oro (Oro)

3. Bring Back the 3rd Love!!
- Yakkun (Yun)
- K.O. (Yang)
- Ochibi (Yun)
- Matsuken (Ken)
- Suzu (Chun-Li)

5. Generation of Miracles
- Shirokuro (Chun-Li)
- PGW|Hayao (Hugo)
- Shinta (Ken)
- DeshikenKFG (Ken)
- Hyacinth (Yun)

5. Kashiwagi's Special Arts
- Game Center Arashi (Akuma)
- Cabbage Wong (Ken)
- Bagoon (Yun)
- Morikawa (Ken)
- Namerou (Yun)

5. Playland F1R
- Den D (Necro)
- Out (Q)
- Koh (Yang)
- Shimatsuya (Akuma)
- JeyNeko (Yang)

5. Atsui Sanryuu Nara Joutou Yo... !
- Mokutaro (Yun)
- Iyan (Yang)
- Shinobu (Urien)
- Koushun (Chun-Li)
- Souma (Makoto)

Cooperation Cup 18 — Top 8 battle log

Finals: Nuki Children vs. 3rd Monster
• Michael (Chun-Li) beat Nuki (Chun-Li).
• Michael (Chun-Li) beat Otayado no Tokura (Yang).
• Michael (Chun-Li) beat Genki (Alex).
• Genki (Alex) beat Yomoda (Dudley).
• Yomoda (Dudley) beat Kuni (Ryu).
• Yomoda (Dudley) beat Pierrot (Remy).

Semi-finals: Nuki Children vs. Bring Back the 3rd Love!!
• Nuki (Chun-Li) beat Yakkun (Yun).
• Yakkun (Yun) beat Otayado no Tokura (Yang).
• Otayado no Tokura (Yang) beat Suzu (Chun-Li).
• Suzu (Chun-Li) beat Genki (Alex).
• Genki (Alex) beat K.O. (Yang).
• K.O. (Yang) beat Pierrot (Remy).
• Pierrot (Remy) beat Matsuken (Ken).
• Pierrot (Remy) beat Ochibi (Yun).

Semi-finals: 3rd Monster vs. GSCI Gamer in Fukuoka
• Mimora (Makoto) beat RB (Urien).
• Mimora (Makoto) beat Koupun (Ibuki).
• Mimora (Makoto) beat Koudai (Yang).
• Koudai (Yang) beat Boss (Yun).
• Koudai (Yang) beat Michael (Chun-Li).
• Koudai (Yang) beat GS|Sho (Yun).
• GS|Sho (Yun) beat C (Makoto).
• GS|Sho (Yun) beat Inoue Oro (Oro).
• Inoue Oro (Oro) beat Yomoda (Dudley).

Bring Back the 3rd Love!! vs. Atsui Sanryuu Nara Joutou Yo... !
• K.O. (Yang) beat Mokutarou (Yun).
• K.O. (Yang) beat Koushun (Chun-Li).
• K.O. (Yang) beat Iyan (Yang).
• K.O. (Yang) beat Shinobu (Urien).
• Shinobu (Urien) beat Suzu (Chun-Li).
• Shinobu (Urien) beat Ochibi (Yun).
• Shinobu (Urien) beat Matsuken (Ken).
• Matsuken (Ken) beat Souma (Makoto).

Playland F1R vs. Nuki Children
• Otayado no Tokura (Yang) beat Koh (Yang).
• Otayado no Tokura (Yang) beat Shimatsuya (Akuma).
• Otayado no Tokura (Yang) beat Out (Q).
• Otayado no Tokura (Yang) beat JeyNeko (Yang).
• JeyNeko (Yang) beat Pierrot (Remy).
• Pierrot (Remy) beat Den D (Necro).

GSCI Gamer in Fukuoka vs. Kashiwagi's Special Arts
• Koudai (Yang) beat Game Center Arashi (Akuma).
• Koudai (Yang) beat Bagoon (Yun).
• Koudai (Yang) beat Cabbage Wong (Ken).
• Cabbage Wong (Ken) beat Koupun (Ibuki).
• Koupun (Ibuki) beat Namerou (Yun).
• Koupun (Ibuki) beat Morikawa (Ken).
• Morikawa (Ken) beat Inoue Oro (Oro).

Generation of Miracles vs. 3rd Monster
• Mimora (Makoto) beat DeshikenKFG (Ken).
• Mimora (Makoto) beat PGW|Hayao (Hugo).
• Mimora (Makoto) beat Shinta (Ken).
• Shinta (Ken) beat Yomoda (Dudley).
• Shinta (Ken) beat Boss (Yun).
• Shinta (Ken) beat Michael (Chun-Li).
• Michael (Chun-Li) beat Shirokuro (Chun-Li).
• Shirokuro (Chun-Li) beat GS|Sho (Yun).
• GS|Sho (Yun) beat Hyacinth (Yun).

18th Beat Tribe Cup — Results

1. Villain Union
- Yasokami (Lei-Fei)
- Aki (Lion)
- Chinpan (Jacky)
- Chi no Brad (Brad)
- Homestay Akira (Akira)

2. US Hospital
- Reorao (Goh)
- Entan (Akira)
- Marukome-X (Aoi)
- Osage (Brad)
- Tonchan (Jacky)

3. Sanrio
- Noko (Brad)
- Neppa (Jacky)
- Virgo no Jean (Jean)
- Oniku (Jeffry)
- Kamereon (Pai)

3. Paibura Produce
- Tokyo Jacky (Jacky)
- Chabozu (Lei-Fei)
- Masatsu (Kage-Maru)
- Kubinashi Rider (Lei-Fei)
- Sancha Jacky (Jacky)

5. Bushin the God
- Koedo (Jean)
- SanchaAkira (Akira)
- Itsuro (Jeffry)
- Shu (Shun Di)
- Chibita (Lion)

5. Penki MAX
- Kingujo~ (Lau)
- Kumichou (Wolf)
- Debirokku (Lau)
- Yogo (Kage-Maru)
- Penkiyasan (Lau)

5. Family Dumplings For 5 People
- Stupid (Lion)
- Choppaa (Lion)
- Puuta (Jean)
- Keisuta (Shun Di)
- Kobajirou (Aoi)

5. Katayama Corps
- Bobuchen (Lau)
- Makocchan (Goh)
- Yokoarashi (Taka-Arashi)
- Yuucha (Aoi)
- Katayama (Pai)

Event Schedule

18th Cooperation Cup Event Schedule image #1
Click images for larger versions

Schedule image and rundown courtesy of Hismit3rd.

While this schedule image only covers Cooperation Cup 18, the 18th Beat Tribe Cup will be played at the same times one day later, so just tune in at the same time on Sunday (or perhaps Saturday depending on your time zone) to catch the action.

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