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New Jack-8 Tekken 8 gameplay trailer released

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • March 24, 2023 at 8:12 a.m. PDT • Comments: 52

Bandai Namco returns with yet another new trailer for their upcoming major fighting game, Tekken 8. Now, fans can check out the full-fledged gameplay showcase for robotic combatant, Jack-8.

In this Tekken 8 Jack-8 gameplay trailer, fans are given a glimpse at what towering fighter is capable of here in the latest generation of fighting games.

The "High Tech Annihilator" is here and enters the battle with a shiny new visual design. Considering the fact that the Jack units are numbered and typically are new versions of the classic fighter for each new game, what we're looking at here is the updated and 8th iteration.

This time around, Jack's design sees the warrior covered from head to toe in armor and robotics. He still rocks his trademark mohawk, sports an ammo belt across his chest, and also carries a massive cannon that's larger than him during one of his fight intros.

Jack-8 is a hulk of a fighter who uses big, powerful strikes to knock his opponents out. From quick, hydraulic-powered jabs to large straight punches and uppercuts, there's no doubt that Jack-8 is going to be dishing out the damage in droves.

Punches aren't the only thing Jack-8 can do, though. Within his arsenal is a heavy stomp attack that knocks the opponent down and leaves them in a juggle state, as well as a move that sees a large missile rain down and explode when it makes contact.

Like character gameplay trailers before it, Jack-8's provides a look at what he can do with Tekken 8's new Heat System. We see numerous powerful combo strings, and even a devastating double punch to the gut that sends the opponent staggering back and lets Jack run in after to follow up with more attacks.

Of course, no Tekken 8 gameplay trailer would be complete without a look at the latest fighter's Rage Art. What makes this highly powerful move great is that though we don't see any standard attacks use the massive cannon from his intro, this super definitely does.

Jack-8 punches the opponent into the ground and activates an explosive from his hand that sends the foe flying high into the air. From there, he calls upon his large cannon to blast them with a laser so powerful that it even sends the user flying backward.

This new Jack-8 trailer comes hot off the heels of a similar showcase for Lars Alexandersson. Bandai Namco released his trailer just a few days ago, and fans not only liked what they saw, but were quick to notice that his Rage Art took inspiration from the character's guest appearance in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm.

Check out the trailer below.

Jack-8 in Tekken 8 image #1 Jack-8 in Tekken 8 image #2 Jack-8 in Tekken 8 image #3 Jack-8 in Tekken 8 image #4 Jack-8 in Tekken 8 image #5 Jack-8 in Tekken 8 image #6 Jack-8 in Tekken 8 image #7 Jack-8 in Tekken 8 image #8 Jack-8 in Tekken 8 image #9
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