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How much real money it'll cost you to buy all of Street Fighter 6's costumes and colors right now

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • June 6, 2023 at 2:12 p.m. PDT • Comments: 63

Street Fighter 6 is out now, and players are finding that Capcom has filled the newest entry in the long-running fighting game franchise to the brim with content to enjoy. From a robust single player experience to all of the bells and whistles you could ever hope for in the classic 1v1 fighting modes, there's something here for everyone.

On top of a ton of different modes to choose from, Capcom has also added a second costume for every character and a batch of colors for both the default outfit and outfit 2. Much like most modern games, players have the ability to purchase this additional content by using real money, but how much will it cost you to purchase all costumes and colors for the 18 launch characters in Street Fighter 6? Let's take a look at the numbers.

As it stands right now, Street Fighter 6's alternate costumes can only be purchased outright with Fighter Coins — one of two in-game currencies. Outfit 2, the only other alternate costume available for each fighter currently, can also be unlocked through playing World Tour mode, meaning you don't technically have to spend money to get them.

However, finding the Masters, befriending them, then winning them over with gifts to unlock their alternate costume seems to take quite a bit of time (beating World Tour alone can take over 20 hours). If you're impatient like me, buying what you want to use straight away is an option that many people will likely opt for over the alternative.

Colors, on the other hand, can be purchased individually and in bundles using Fighter Coins or Street Fighter 6's other in-game currency, Drive Tickets. Unfortunately, the first monthly challenge that allows you to earn Drive Tickets gives you 500 of them for viewing an in-game tutorial, and outside of that, there don't appear to be any other ways to earn them just yet. Those who purchased the Deluxe or Ultimate edition of the game were given 4,200 and 7,700 Drive Tickets, respectively, but if you're looking to earn more in-game right now, there's not much that you can seemingly do.

This means that if you're buying colors, you'll likely have to use Fighter Coins to get them. Fortunately, when you purchase outfit 2 for any character, it comes with all 10 of its colors right out of the gate.

Here's what prices for costumes, colors, and bundles look like:

Outfit 2 - 50 Fighter Coins (per character)
Individual character colors - 50 Fighter Coins (each) / 1000 Drive Tickets (each)
Color bundles (default colors 3 - 9) - 315 Fighter Coins (each) / 6300 Drive Tickets (each)

Now, considering that using Drive Tickets is out for anyone who bought the standard edition, and the amount you get for the more expensive purchase options won't even come close to covering all of the colors for you, we're left to rely on Fighter Coins to buy things right now. Let us now look at how much real money it costs to get you set up with Fighter Coins.

Fighter Coins:
250 = $4.99 USD
610 = $11.99 USD
1,250 = $23.99 USD
2,750 = $49.99 USD

Using some basic math skills here, we can deduce that in order to purchase outfit 2 for all 18 launch characters, it will cost you a total of 900 Fighter Coins. If you want to buy all of the default colors (by purchasing the color bundles for all 18 fighters), it will run you 5,670 Fighter Coins.

Costumes = 50 FC x 18 characters
Total = 900

Color bundles = 315 FC x 18 characters
Total = 5,670

Full total = 6,570 Fighter Coins

In total, you'll need 6,570 Fighter Coins to buy all 18 outfits and all 9 colors for the 18 characters. So, what's the quickest and most efficient way to get the right amount of Fighter Coins to buy all of this content, and how much real money will it cost you?

Since you can only purchase Fighter Coins in bundles and can't pay the difference for the item you're purchasing, you'll have to stock up using the four purchase options provided. Naturally, you'll need two of the biggest bundle to start, so 2,750 for $49.99 x 2 means you'll be getting 5,500 Fighter Coins for $99.98 (before taxes).

If you want to get closest to the full amount of in-game coins you need for the least amount of money, then you'll want to buy 2x of the 2,750 bundle, 1x of the 610 bundle, and 2x of the 250 bundle. This will put you at 6,610 Fighter Tickets.

As far as real money goes for all of those bundles, you're looking at $121.95 (before taxes).

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