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Zangief plays the ultimate 'Uno Reverse Card' against other supers in Street Fighter 6 during these fan-made clips

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • June 4, 2023 at 12:44 p.m. PDT • Comments: 2

When certain supers connect in Street Fighter 6, a cinematic plays out in which the initiating character deals a bunch of damage to the opposing fighter. Once this happens, players are unable to interact while the cinematic plays out. By this point, one party is guaranteed to receive a bunch of damage.

However, fans have spliced specific clips of character super arts together to form a hilarious reversal situation. The scenes play out normally at first with Jamie and Lily performing their level 3 (or Critical Art) supers against Zangief, but Zangief is the one that has the last laugh at the end of these clips.

Jamie's level 3 super plays a unique animation where he, after knocking the opponent off their feet, offers them the opportunity to get back up. Following this, a stand off occurs. It's certainly interesting to see an opposing character being made to attempt fighting back in another character's super art cutscene.

Normally, Jamie is the one who gets the upper hand, but CGL|X-Azeez has changed the narrative by cutting off Jamie's super animation with a transition into Zangief's level 3 super. Considering how Zangief initially grabs the opponent with one hand, the animations transition perfectly.

Similarly, Tio Scoob has reworked Lily's Critical Art animation. While she normally ends up messing up her own attack in the Critical Art animation, she ends up landing on top of the opponent. Due to this, she actually causes a little more damage compared to her level 3 super.

In the spliced clip, however, Zangief is able to take advantage of the situation by grabbing Lily out of the air with his level 1 super. Check out how all of this plays out in the clips below:

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