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Capcom releases statement following 'very negative' reviews of Street Fighter 6's DLC packs

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 4, 2023 at 3:16 p.m. PDT • Comments: 52

Most people seem to be quite enjoying their time with Street Fighter 6 so far, but there's a few aspects of the game that some apparently aren't very happy with.

Capcom has now released a statement seemingly addressing player complaints regarding SF6's DLC packs.

"Regarding the Year 1 Character Pass and Year 1 Ultimate Pass: the only content available at this time are the Drive Tickets," wrote Capcom on the official Street Fighter Twitter page. "Additional content from the pass (characters, costumes, colors, stages) will be released sequentially at a later date."

Most of the complaints are being lobbed against SF6's Year 1 Ultimate Pass, which is priced at $50 USD, but as Capcom said, the only content you're able to get out of it right now is 7,700 Drive Tickets in the game.

It currently sits with a 'very negative' user review rating on Steam.

The pack will eventually include all 4 Year 1 DLC characters in Rashid, A.K.I., Ed and Akuma as well as 2 costumes for each of them, colors for the outfits and 2 more stages.

It is understandable that players would be frustrated at not getting much of anything after dropping an additional $50 or $45 for the bundle, but the page description does state that the additional content will be released after the game launches.

Many of the negative reviews are calling the Drive Tickets not enough for how much items cost in the game, not including any alternate costumes for the base cast nor any Fighter Coins to purchase them with.

So yeah, unless you're really wanting those Drive Tickets, there's not much point to get the Year 1 Ultimate or Character pass until Rashid releases this Summer.

The overall reviews for Street Fighter 6 on Steam are 'very positive', and you can check out our review for the big new release here.

We also have a guide to show you how to unlock the alternate costumes currently available in SF6 too.

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