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Desk brings the hype to Chun-Li with a 50-hit combo, taunt KOs and juggles you probably didn't know existed in Street Fighter 6

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 3, 2023 at 5:35 p.m. PDT • Comments: 4

Street Fighter 6 has only been available for a few days at this point, but Desk is already playing the game like he's had it for a month or more with everything he's figured out.

Chun-Li may not be near the top of people's ranks when it comes to most hype characters in SF6 though you may change your mind after seeing Desk's brand new combo showcase.

Things immediately start out pretty interesting with Desk performing Chunner's air stomp at the lowest possible height it looks like, which gives her enough hitstun to do a full re-jump combo on Zangief that carries him all the way to the corner.

The heat then gets turned up around 50 seconds in when Desk starts with a Punish Counter Drive Rush-enhanced heavy palm on Guile into her flip kick with a light link extension into another flip kick and 2 lightning legs before he ever touches the ground again.

Desk almost makes Chun look like a Marvel vs. Capcom character with her launchers, juggles and re-jumps, which may not always be practical, but they're certainly flashy as hell.

Starting with a perfectly-timed Kikoken and jump in, the combo maestro reaches quite the feat nailing a 50-hit string on Zangief that goes on for over 15 seconds and seems like he probably could have even squeezed a few more hits out of.

This is the second post-launch combo showcase from Desk for Street Fighter 6 after Ryu, and we can probably expect a lot more goodness coming our way in the next few days and weeks with the rest of the cast.

You can check out Desk's full new video below.

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