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Capcom shows off unused Cammy designs for Street Fighter 6 that didn't make it past the concept art phase

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 2, 2023 at 6:18 a.m. PDT • Comments: 26

All of the original world warriors from the Street Fighter 2 days received brand new designs for Street Fighter 6, but ended up with the most drastic changes of them all.

Capcom recently shared 10 different potential designs they looked at for Cammy in SF6 with some discussion from Director Takayuki Nakayama as to what they were looking to do with the fan-favorite character in the new game.

As revealed on the PlayStation Blog, the developers had a bunch of different directions they were thinking about for Cammy's new life post-Shadaloo with some looking very familiar and others very different.

There's a handful that attempt to keep her traditional look alive like the largest one showing a similar but changed appearance on her green leotard with a yellow jacket over top, but that apparently didn't represent her new life well.

"Cammy feels that Shadaloo's end is a new milestone that allows her to chart her own path and live a more normal life. This new look is her civilian outfit, while her old leotard is more of a battle-type outfit," said Nakayama. "When you first meet her in World Tour, she's in London. We realized seeing her in her classic outfit might look weird in that context. So we tried to keep things like that in mind when designing the new costumes."

Cammy Street Fighter 6 concept art image #1 Cammy Street Fighter 6 concept art image #2
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Between the long leather coat, crop tops and an outfit that looks reminiscent of King from Art of Fighting / King of Fighters, it's interesting to see the split between those that attempted to keep her long hair and braids and those that would go closer to her final design.

"We thought it would be an interesting challenge to give her a short hairstyle–she doesn't have her classic braids, which seemed to be a defining point of her design," said Nakayama. During the development of Street Fighter 5, we had an opportunity to change it–we thought fans might react negatively, but the idea seemed to be positively received, so we decided to go for it in Street Fighter 6.

Her hair may be short, but the straps from her jacket are intended to be reminiscent of her classic braids–that's our creative callback touch."

Nakayama goes on to explain that keeping her silhouette recognizable was an important factor for the dev team, so they decided to keep aspects like her combat boots and gloves to keep Cammy feeling like Cammy even if she looked quite a bit different.

The director speaks more of what it took to design the characters in the new style for the RE Engine in SF6, which you can find in full on the PlayStation Blog.

Cammy's original look will still be present, however, as they gave her classic costume back to her for her second outfit in Street Fighter 6 that was just revealed in a new trailer.

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