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Street Fighter 6 starter hub: Everything you need for launch and beyond

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • June 1, 2023 at 3:30 p.m. PDT • Comments: 12

Street Fighter 6, Capcom's latest major fighting game, is finally upon us, and fans all over the world will be diving head first into what this new entry in the long-running franchise has to offer. There is a lot of content to enjoy here, and an absolute plethora of things that players need to know about the combat system to hold their own and start racking up wins.

We here at EventHubs have been hard at work dissecting everything we can about Street Fighter 6 since it was first announced, joined in on all three of the betas, and spent numerous hours with the demo so that we could figure out as much as possible ahead of its release and share everything we can with you. We would like to welcome you all to our Street Fighter 6 starter hub, which gathers up all of the essential resources we've put together over the last year or so to get you started with everything you might need here at launch and beyond.

Before you even bother purchasing Street Fighter 6, you might want to know if it's any good and if it's worth the money. Fortunately, we have a full written review of the game that details every aspect of it.

We gave Street Fighter 6 a 9.5 review score for being a near perfect fighting game that makes the future of the genre look bright. Oh, and yes, it is very much worth the money.

Street Fighter 6 review

Okay, okay. So you've decided to buy Street Fighter 6 and have installed it on your platform of choice. Now what?

Naturally, you're going to have to select a character to take into battle, but who should you choose? Well, our beginner's guide provides breakdowns for all 18 launch characters, detailing what they're all about!

You'll find information on how easy (or hard) they are to play, their playstyles, what their overall gameplan is, useful moves to get you started, and even a handful of basic combos. Use this guide to determine which fighter is the best choice for you based on your current skill level and character archetype preference.

Street Fighter 6 beginner's guide

Great! You've now chosen your character. What should you do next?

While we covered a handful of moves in our beginner's guide, you'll want to head over to our Street Fighter 6 move lists to get the full scoop on what your character can do. Make sure to load up your main's moves here on the website so that you can reference it quickly and don't have to keep pausing the game to check the command list.

Street Fighter 6 moves

From there, you can go in any direction that you'd like to continue on your path of learning. Below we have all kinds of helpful resources for you to look over, from an introduction to Footsies — one of competitive fighting games' most important elements — to what you can do when you're trying to survive burnout.

Feel free to check out all of the content we have for you here, then hop into the comments to share any other useful tips you might have for your fellow readers!

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Street Fighter 6 tiers

Street Fighter 6 stats

4K high-level Street Fighter 6 matches

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Street Fighter 6 is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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