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Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising announced as upcoming sequel to Granblue Fantasy: Versus coming in 2023

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • January 21, 2023 at 5:36 a.m. PST • Comments: 57

A sequel to Granblue Fantasy: Versus has been announced. The next game in the fighting game spinoff series is apparently being called Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising.

The newly revealed trailer begins by showing off gameplay featuring a fight between Gran and Katalina. It quickly becomes apparent that this truly is a sequel considering the usage of brand new moves.

No new characters are shown in the video, but the trailer promises that there will be some new characters added to Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising. Gran, Katalina, Djeeta, Seox, Belial, Zeta, Narmaya, Lancelot and Beelzebub were outright shown in the trailer, but it's seemingly implied that everyone could return for the sequel.

Rollback netcode, a feature that was heavily requested for Granblue Fantasy: Versus and virtually all modern fighting games, has been confirmed for the sequel. Needless to say, this promises an improved online experience for most players.

While the sequel should seem familiar to veterans from the first game, it should be noted that the graphics have been shown to be different. Additionally, the single player mode will feature a brand new story.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising will be released for the PlayStation 5, the PlayStation 4 and Steam. Crossplay between them all is also mentioned, which is another feature that wasn't available in the first entry.

At the very end of the trailer, it's noted that Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising will be releasing sometime in 2023, this year.

A new lobby system, seemingly titled "Grand Bruise Legends," for Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising has also been shown off in a separate trailer. Uniquely, it appears that players can compete in non-fighting minigames as chibi avatars of Granblue Fantasy characters within this mode.

Grand Bruise Legends seems to take a great deal of inspiration from Fall Guys. Check it out:

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