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Judo black belt breaks down how legit or not Guile's back throw is in Street Fighter 6

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • January 6, 2023 at 6:44 a.m. PST • Comments: 10

The Street Fighter series is home to a bevy of fantastical attacks that defy the laws of physics and sometimes logic. However, many attacks take inspiration from real life martial arts, but just how accurate and legit are said IRL-inspired moves?

The folks over at Scenic Fights — a small group of experienced martial artists who analyze, breakdown, and recreate fight scenes from pop culture — recently took a closer look at one of Guile's regular throws in Capcom's upcoming major fighting title, Street Fighter 6. Pak, one of Scenic Fights' Judo black belts, aimed to figure out if Guile's Judo-style back throw is actually legit or just another fantastical maneuver.

Looking at the footage, the Judo expert begins by explaining that Guile is likely using a seoi nage for his back throw. This move sees the user grab the wrist, pull the opponent's collar in, and rotate to throw the foe over their back.

"It also looks like an Uchi Mata because at the end you see Guile lift up his leg," says Pak. The expert goes on to state that "Uchi Mata" means "inner thigh throw," which appears to be what Guile is also incorporating here with this attack.

What's interesting is that Pak notes how the leg lift and transition into an Uchi Mata is completely unnecessary for Guile to complete the throw. His opponent, Luke, is already halfway to being thrown over and already off the ground by that point, so he really didn't need the second move to finish the maneuver.

After the breakdown, Pak demonstrates a throw that closely resembles Guile's Street Fighter 6 back throw called the "Split Hip Ippon Seoi Nage." Aside from the leg lift, Guile's throw looks to be fairly legit when it comes to real life martial arts moves.

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