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Chilean cosplayer Clau Bailarinita captures 3 different versions of Chun-Li with her sexy poses and striking gazes

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • January 2, 2023 at 9 a.m. PST • Comments: 4

No matter how much time passes, Capcom's iconic fighting game characters are likely going to stick around as popular go-to picks for cosplayers given their instantly recognizable designs and how many personal touches can be applied to them to help stand out in the crowd.

Clau Bailarinita is one such talented Chilean cosplayer we've previously covered on the site before, and she now has some fresh works on display to show off some sexy poses and striking gazes of Street Fighter's Cammy White as well as 3 different versions of Chun-Li.

We'd already gotten to see Bailarinita's special take on a "workout Chun-Li" from a fan art, but of course it's so good that she'd need more in the costume to add to her portfolio.

The fan design obviously takes inspiration from Chun's Street Fighter Alpha days although Bailarinita's wearing an almost sports bra top made to look like her vest along with having her hair down in braids from the buns.

With some of the necessary pieces already put together, Bailarinita was also able to go full Street Fighter Alpha mode using Chunner's design from those games too.

She even wears the outfit in slightly different ways with one being more game-accurate and the other showing off a little more skin, which I don't think anyone is going to be mad about.

Here's hoping she has one for Street Fighter 6 in the works now.

And then there's perhaps Clau's most impressive version of Chun-Li thus far in her Training Costume from Street Fighter 5.

She's got the unique dress design down, which can apparently be quite revealing, as well as the gloves and leg armor, but Bailarinita also makes some aesthetical changes too.

Instead of Chun's hair up in the white buns, Clau uses the gold hair ties and wears her hair long in the back, which arguably looks even better than the original.

There's plenty more great Street Fighter and other fighting game related cosplay to be found on Clau Bailarinita's Instagram page, so check out her other works if you enjoyed these.

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