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Mega Man X, Zero and a bunch of Mavericks crossover to Minecraft with skins and a really cool Story Mode

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • February 21, 2023 at 3:29 p.m. PST • Comments: 9

The degrees of separation between characters in fighting games is growing ever-thinner, thanks in large part to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and though this reveal itself may not be a fighter, it should be something that many here find quite neat.

Minecraft just announced a new crossover with another fan-favorite Capcom property in Mega Man X, which not only adds a bunch of new skins for the game, but also a Story Mode that attempts to recreate some of the series' iconic levels with boss fights against their Mavericks.

The Minecraft x Mega Man X DLC contains 14 skins including X, Zero and seemingly the bosses of the first game like Sigma, Vile, Storm Eagle, Chill Penguin, Sting Chameleon and more — as well as MMX's classic soundtrack.

On top of that, players can go on missions inspired by the Super Nintendo platformer levels with a stage select room and everything.

This mode's gameplay isn't just pure Minecraft either, as it contains 9 weapons from the franchise to acquire plus additions like the ride armor to blast all of the robots in stages that appear to contain both 2D and 3D sections.

In between missions, players can use bolts to upgrade their character with more heart slots, extra lives, etc., and the trailer also shows X's Armor of Light too.

Mega Man X isn't the first Capcom crossover in recent memory to join Minecraft, as 35 of Street Fighter's world warriors came to the crafting game last year.

Although Zero has been a staple fighting game character since Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, X and Sigma would have to wait all the way until Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite to get their charged shots off, and fans of the series would likely enjoy seeing more representation in the future too — but a new entry would be cool too.

The Mega Man X DLC pack is priced at 1,340 Minecraft coins, which equates to around $8 USD, and you can check out the trailer for the new content below.

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