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Marisa was almost the most picked Street Fighter 6 character at VSFighting XI while only 3 didn't show up in the top 64

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 20, 2023 at 12:27 p.m. PDT • Comments: 10

Just a few weeks after Evo 2023 featured the largest Street Fighter tournament ever, VSFighting XI is running the biggest Street Fighter 6 offline major in Europe so far this weekend.

Now that the action at the big event has been whittled down to the final competitors, we've gone back and broken down all of the SF6 characters picked in the top 64.

Somewhat surprisingly, Marisa ended up as technically the second most popular pick of the event with six players maining her in the upper brackets as well as Shakz busting her out as a secondary and making it to the top 8.

That still puts her behind Ken, however, while Cammy, Juri, and JP were right up ther too, and all of them will be showing up in the finals day for the tournament to boot.

Of course we've got Falcons|Mister Crimson at the event, who finished in 17th, but interestingly, there were five total Dhalsims who managed to make the top 64.

In total, 16 of the game's 19 characters saw play in the top 64 with the only exceptions being Lily and Jamie as kinda expected at this point along with Chun-Li.

Mouz|Problem X couldn't even take Lily to the promised land because he switched off of her and still managed to reach 9th with Blanka already.

Thanks to the young and talented M80|EndingWalker, it looks like we'll also be seeing what may be our first Ryu in the top 8 of a SF6 major post-launch though it seems he's also picked up on playing Ken as well.

We're going to see some repeats in top 8 with there being two Lukes and JPs though the latter have to face off against each other on losers side to see who stays in.

Before we head off to the finals in a few short hours, you can check out the full breakdown of character usage for SF6 at VSFighting below.

VSFighting XI Street Fighter 6 Top 64 Character Usage

• Ken - 7 (1)

• Marisa - 6 (1)
• Cammy - 6
• Juri - 6
• JP 6 -

• Guile - 5
• Dhalsim - 5

• Kimberly - 4 (1)
• Manon - 4

• Luke - 3
• Blanka - 3
• Dee Jay - 3
• E. Honda - 3

• Rashid - 1 (1)
• Ryu - 1
• Zangief - 1

• Lily - 0
• Chun-Li - 0
• Jamie - 0

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