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Street Fighter 6 will allow players to download the game's big modes separately from the main title

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • April 16, 2023 at 7:11 p.m. PDT • Comments: 45

Street Fighter 6 is looking to kick off the next generation of Capcom fighting games in a big way, and it's going to allow players to customize their experience in ways the series hasn't seen before either.

On top of the Classic, Modern and Dynamic control schemes offered to players, it seems Capcom is going to allow for SF6 owners to essentially download only the parts and modes of the game they want to use.

According to the updated Xbox Store page for the game, SF6 is going to offer the Fighting Ground and World Tour modes as separate downloads (thanks to DarKnightSpider for pointing that out).

That suggests the core installation of Street Fighter 6 may only include the Battle Hub portion of the game we've gotten to experience in the first 2 closed beta tests performed so far.

Interestingly, that may mean that standard Versus mode may not be there considering it's technically part of SF6's Fighting Ground suite.

Although Capcom hasn't gone over every single mode included in Fighting Ground, we do know it contains Versus, Online Battle, Extreme Battle and Training Mode though the website states that "all modes found in Street Fighter 5" are included in Fighting Ground.

That would also suggest that Arcade Mode and Survival will also be a part of Fighting Ground along with any individual character stories (if that's not just wrapped up into arcade mode this time around).

World Tour is of course the new single player story mode where users will create their own avatar and run around a semi-open world for the first time in the franchise.

They've shown off some of the mini-games and special additions in the mode like teaming up with the world warrior Masters though Capcom has yet to really reveal what the minute to minute experience is going to be like overall.

That will probably be changing pretty soon, however, as Capcom is putting on the Street Fighter 6 Showcase on April 20 with promises of "big news and announcements" with some of the footage already revealing some interesting things for World Tour — like perhaps another Final Fight character hanging around.

Xbox and PlayStation updating their store pages for SF6 have also revealed how much hard drive space the game is going to require as well as when those with digital pre-orders can start pre-loading the title.

How much more room Fighting Ground and World Tour are going to take up over the suggested 50 GB remains to be seen, but it is quite interesting that Capcom seems to be keenly aware that not every aspect will appeal to every player and allow them to control what they have to download, which is something we don't see that often in fighting games.

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