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Besides Damd, Final Fight fans think they've spotted another one of the series' characters in Street Fighter 6

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • April 16, 2023 at 4:08 p.m. PDT • Comments: 21

The world of Street Fighter is so rich with interesting characters and ideas that don't often get explored in the games themselves although Street Fighter 6 seems to be changing that up a decent bit.

With Metro City playing a larger part in the World Tour story of SF6, it should come as little surprise that we're probably going to be seeing some more Final Fight characters hanging around than just Damd / Thrasher.

In the teaser trailer for the upcoming Street Fighter 6 Showcase, some Final Fight fans and users of this website have pointed out a familiar looking face from the series that players are likely going to be interacting with.

At around the 12-second mark of the video, there appears a man in a blue suit with long hair and a sword on his back, who looks to be that of Carlos Miyamoto.

Carlos featured as one of the three playable characters from Final Fight 2, but he's never gotten the same amount of play outside of that game that Maki and Mike Haggar have had over the years (along with Cody, Guy, Poison and Hugo).

As far as we can tell, Carlos hasn't really appeared at all in Street Fighter aside from a brief cameo in the 1995 western cartoon where he didn't actually say a word.

Now, it's not 100% clear this person is indeed the Brazilian swordsman, but even if it's not, this dude is at the very least a direct reference to him 30 years after he first appeared.

The Mad Gear villain Damd was shown in the first full trailer for SF6, so we know the Final Fight dudes are technically around somewhere. It's just been a question of if we're actually going to be able to see and interact with them.

Having Carlos be a story NPC that gives the player's created character quests to take on the gang would be pretty cool and makes us hopeful that Capcom is going to lean more heavily into their existing characters across the shared world of Street Fighter, Final Fight and technically Saturday Night Slam Masters too.

Hell, it'd be fun to see some references to other Capcom properties like Mega Man, Resident Evil and Devil May Cry too even if they aren't canon to Street Fighter.

With Kimberly studying Bushinryu under Guy, there's also at least a decent chance that he or Maki are going to be hanging around Metro City as well, which fans would certainly appreciate.

It seems as though we're going to be seeing a good bit more of what World Tour in SF6 is going to have to offer on April 20, and we can't wait to see how many references and characters Capcom is going to be able to put into their new take on the story mode.

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