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Gameplay for Haohmaru, Nakoruru, and Darli Dagger revealed in King of Fighter 15's Team Samurai DLC trailer

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • September 27, 2022 at 6:59 a.m. PDT • Comments: 45

Gameplay for Haohmaru, Nakoruru, and Darli Dagger has been revealed in the latest trailer for King of Fighters 15. The three working together will form Team Samurai within the game.

At the very end of the trailer, we were provided the release date for the three upcoming DLC characters. King of Fighters and Samurai Shodown fans alike will be able to play Team Samurai in King of Fighters 15 starting on October 4, 2022 — next Tuesday.

Although most of Samurai Shodown's gameplay is based around single huge hits and footsies, it would appear that Haohmaru, Nakoruru, and Darli have been retrofitted for King of Fighters 15 gameplay. We can observe in the gameplay that the characters are armed with combos that typically weren't possible in Samurai Shodown's latest release.

While most characters in King of Fighters 15 are fighting unarmed, it seems that the Samurai Shodown crew aren't holding back as they've brought their weapons with them. Some of Darli Dagger's attacks in particular are especially brutal looking, but the extreme violence from the Samurai Shodown series has obviously been removed.

During the trailer, it's implied that Haohmaru has a rivalry with Mai Shiranui, Nakoruru with Dolores, and Darli with B. Jenet. Fans should probably expect an interesting story to take place for Team Samurai.

Team DLC for King of Fighters 15 has typically been priced at $15.99 so we should probably expect Team Samurai to be priced the same. Check out the new gameplay trailer below:

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