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Whips, bear hugs, and cosplay; gorgeous couple transforms into Street Fighters' Poison and Zangief

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • September 26, 2022 at 10:26 a.m. PDT • Comments: 24

Lauren and Ethan, the husband and wife cosplaying duo that make up Thousand Faces Cosplay, are back at it with more fighting game character showcases as they become two of Street Fighters' most beloved combatants: Poison and Zangief.

Not only do we get a handful of shots featuring each in solo poses, but also a few with both in the ring together.

It's clear where these two must spend the overwhelming majority of their time: in the gym, sewing/stitching, and in front of the camera.

The kind of dedication required not only to nail the details of these iconic characters, but to also close so much of the gap between the average human appearance and that of these is ridiculous video game characters is inspiring.

The end results of this much disciplined effort, (as we've seen in a few of their previous cosplay shoots) are simply undeniable, and seeing people reach these kinds of levels of accomplishment will surely leave you with a motivation to get out and get after whatever goals might currently be on your to do list.

Lauren's Poison specifically comes from the Ultra Street Fighter 4 version of the character. We can tell this by the way her hair is styled as well as the kind of whip and hat she has.

Though he looks to be putting pants on in Street Fighter 6, Zangief's style has been one of the franchise's least changed over the years. Nonetheless, Ethan captures the essence of the hulking Russian wrestler quite well.

When it comes to Zangief facial expressions are just as important as perfectly sculpted muscles, and this cosplayer scores top marks in both categories.

Check out the collection of photos below:

So what'd you think of these? Have you seen a better Gief or Poison, or are these the best?

Hit us up in the comments with your personal favorites as well as what you thought of Thousand Faces Cosplay's work in general.

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