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Ken, Dhalsim, Blanka, and E. Honda revealed for Street Fighter 6

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • September 15, 2022 at 7:31 a.m. PDT • Comments: 156

During Capcom's Tokyo Game Show 2022 live stream, Capcom announced several new playable characters for Street Fighter 6.

Ken, E. Honda, Blanka, and Dhalsim are all joining the playable roster. A new trailer featuring gameplay for all four was shown.

Capcom's Street Fighter 6 segment kicked off with a quick teaser for Ken. In a cinematic portion of the trailer, a construction site was shown in which beams being carried by a crane hit a storage container and started to fall.

Ken appeared and kicked a falling sandbag away to save one of the workers. Following that, full-on segments revealing and showcasing Ken, Dhalsim, E. Honda, and Blanka were shown.

New stages for Dhalsim and Blanka were also revealed. Both backdrops appear to take heavy inspiration from their original Street Fighter 2 stages.

Each fighter has an updated design for Street Fighter 6. Dhalsim's outfit and accessory on his chest have been changed, and Ken now wears a coat.

Blanka has a new hairdo in Street Fighter 6 and is now wearing overalls, while E. Honda also has a new sumo getup.

These legacy fighters appears to have several of their classic attacks back in Street Fighter 6. We see Blanka firing off Beast Balls, Dhalsim spitting Yoga Flame, Ken hitting Hurricane Kicks, and E. Honda slamming foes with his Oicho Throw.

New maneuvers were also showcased during the trailer. Blanka has the ability to bring out a small Blanka-Chan doll that he can electrocute and make move forward, allowing him to create interesting mix ups and traps. This attack is called "Blanka-Chan Bomb," and when he strikes it with an electrical special move, it will run at the opponent and explode.

Blanka also has a new move in his Aerial Rolling Attack, which sees him perform a Beast Ball diagonally down from the air. Of course, he retains his trademark Electric Thunder as part of his move set.

Here in Street Fighter 6, Blanka is now working as a tour guide in the Amazon. This kindhearted beast hopes to use this business to springboard himself to fame, which would allow him to provide a comfortable life for his mother.

Ken's story isn't quite what many fans were speculating it would be in Street Fighter 6. According to the official PlayStation Blog post for the reveal, "Ken Masters is a former US National Fighting Champion and ex-VP of the Masters Foundation. Accusations of orchestrating a criminal plot have forced Ken to abandon his family and business to go into hiding."

Ken has a new attack called "Jinrai Kick" that has three variations to it. He also comes equipped with a new jumping "Dragonlash Kick" that unleashes sharp kicks, and when the EX version is performed bounces the opponent off the ground and allows Ken to juggle afterward.

Both the Dragonlash Kick and Ken's Sprint V-Skill from Street Fighter 5 return in Street Fighter 6 as special moves, which opens up his move set even further.

In Street Fighter 6, the game's director Takayuki Nakayama describes Dhalsim as "a tricky fighter with extremely long reach" who is also a master of controlling fire. His classic headbutt dive kick makes a return here, as well as his float and teleports for better mobility.

The yoga fighter's flame attacks are more robust than ever as he has several options to utilize in combat. There's his Yoga Fire, which travels horizontally like his classic projectile, but also among his move set is Yoga Arch, which shoots fireballs in a trajectory similar to his Street Fighter 5 fireballs.

New to his series of fire attacks is Yoga Comet, an air fireball that travels downward while Dhalsim is airborne. We also see Yoga Flame and Yoga Blast return, which give him a pressure tool to use right in front of him and an anti-air counter, respectively.

"Dhalsim is a monk and yoga master who has served as a guide for countless suffering souls," reads the PS Blog. "He prefers to avoid conflict when possible, but his innate hatred of evil compels him to dispense stern justice. The elephants return in the Dhalsimer Temple stage where monks study yoga amongst the candles in a peaceful setting."

E. Honda now fights with "incredible strength and powerful charges." In Street Fighter 6, Honda has opened the Chanko House Edomon in Metro City where folks can watch sumo battles and eat chanko hot pot.

Street Fighter 6's E. Honda wants to bring sumo to a worldwide audience, but his constant moving around the world has prevented him from seeing a rank promotion.

Fans will feel right at home with E. Honda's move set in Street Fighter 6 as he retains his Hundred Hand Slap, Sumo Headbutt, Sumo Smash, and Oicho Throw. Like Ken, Honda's two V-Skills from Street Fighter 5 — Neko Damashi and Sumo Spirit — are now special moves.

Honda also has a new move call "Sumo Dash," which sees him move forward with a traditional sumo shuffle. This can be followed up with more pressure or a launcher attack.

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