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The Tekken series has the coolest throw break animations out of all fighting games as demonstrated by this video

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • November 25, 2022 at 11:50 a.m. PST • Comments: 3

The throw action was created in fighting games with the intention of giving players an option to open up defensive players. In most modern fighting games, a throw break or tech option is available to counter this type of action if the defending player is ready for it.

What we typically get when this happens is a universal throw break animation that resets the players. As pointed out by a recent video by CheeseYoni, the Tekken series has taken this a bit further.

Instead of just a universal throw break animation, characters will have contextual throw break animations depending on what type of throw was attempted. Needless to say, it's fair to say that the Tekken series probably has the best throw break animations out of all fighting games.

My personal favorite animation was actually the first one shown in the video in which Alisa attempts to "gift" the opponent her detachable head. What is normally supposed to happen is that the head will then explode against a confused opponent as Alisa sort of "grows" a new head to replace the old one.

With fast reactions, however, a throw break animation can be triggered in which the defending player can instead hastily reattach the head before backing off. It's funny to think that this was the first thought that went through the character's head instead of just tossing the head aside. It should also be noted that they attach the head in an incorrect orientation in their haste.

Instead of blowing up, Alisa simply returns to her battle stance and corrects the positioning of her head. Check it all out in the video below:

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