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New Street Fighter 6 Capcom developer matches show off high level, 4k gameplay for Ryu, Ken, Luke, and Jamie

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • November 25, 2022 at 1:37 p.m. PST • Comments: 18

More exclusive Street Fighter 6 content has rolled out from Game Informer as they've posted a pair of matches featuring the most learned Street Fighter 6 players on the planet (currently): Capcom developers.

This is shaping up to be the deepest Street Fighter entry yet in terms of options and strategy, and these matches will likely show off some ideas you haven't even thought of trying yet.

The first bout is the tried and true contest between Ryu and Ken... now with more Drive cancels! The first thing we notice is a heavy use of parry by the Ryu player as they set the tone by using parry to try to counter an early jump in from Ken.

Ken doesn't bite, and even transitions quickly into a "throw a whole lot" gear, which is probably the most obvious anti-parry strategy. After pushing their foe to the corner, the Ken player goes for a Drive Impact in hopes of getting the bonus wall splat even if it's blocked, but it's thwarted by yet another parry.

In the next round we see the Ken player use Drive Rush to get in close, but Ryu is in the midst of a Drive Impact. The Ken user cancels out of the Drive Rush into a Drive Impact of their own, making for a bit of a rapid fire Drive mechanic sequence that we had to watch twice to fully process.

We can't say if it's optimal or not at this still very early stage, but the way these devs go about using their Drive Gauge is probably telling in terms of what's most important in the meta.

Next up is Jamie vs. Luke. The first round here has some great back and forth as both players try to feel each other out, and eventually start calling out each others' committed offensive maneuvers with perfectly placed jumps and raw Super combos.

I personally even spotted a move that I wasn't aware of even as a Jamie main during the beta, and that's a follow up to his overhead that sees him knock his opponent down and take a drink (similar to what he can do after sweep).

I very well may be late to the party, but I'm sure this is news to at least some of you as well.

We also note that Jamie's level 2 Super (in which he takes a few big gulps of his Kool-Aid and gains temporary level 4 status) instantly grants him 3 full bars of Drive Gauge, which is utilized during these matches.

Give the video a watch and let us know if you learned anything new about Street Fighter 6 and its emerging meta and flow in the comments afterwards.

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