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Team Ninja Creative Director shares statement regarding potential Dead Or Alive and Ninja Gaiden reboots

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • November 23, 2022 at 5:49 p.m. PST • Comments: 22

For basically 2 decades, Team Ninja was only really known for making Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive titles, but now both of those series are seemingly on the back burner at Koei Tecmo.

In response to the recent presentation that suggested DOA and Ninja Gaiden are getting rebooted, Team Ninja creative director Tom Lee has released a new statement for fans.

"Dead Or Alive and Ninja Gaiden are both long-standing pillar franchises for Team Ninja," wrote Tom Lee via Gematsu. "These celebrated titles are synonymous with our studio history and reputation. It goes without saying that when speaking about the development of our past and future projects, both of these important titles cannot be left without mention.

However, there are no details or information to share on either of these franchises at this present time. Like many of our dedicated fans, we share the enthusiasm for the return of these beloved titles. And we will be sure to provide a proper update (if and) when that day arrives."

Team Ninja's President, Fumihiko Yasuda, held a presentation in South Korea just a few days ago, which included a certain slide that caught the attention of fans.

Above the pictures of Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive 6, text was included that translated to "The Future of Team Ninja - Reboot of popular series."

Lee's statement seems to reaffirm Koei Tecmo's desire to bring both of these franchises back to the forefront at some point although that doesn't necessarily mean they have any projects for them currently in the works.

The success of the Nioh series has pushed Koei Tecmo into creating more of these different action games like we already saw with Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

That direction is going to be continuing for at least the next few years as well considering Team Ninja are developing Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Rise of the Rōnin with release dates scheduled for 2023 and 2024 respectively.

A rumor did circulate earlier this year that Dead Or Alive 7 did enter production following DOA6's release before getting canceled, but we found little evidence to support those claims were actually legitimate.

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