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Street Fighter 6 'Dynamic Controls' revealed — simpler control scheme than Modern that adapts to the match

Cannot be used in online modes

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • November 8, 2022 at 11:07 a.m. PST • Comments: 37

GameInformer (GI) recently got the opportunity to sit down with Capcom and learn more about the company's upcoming fighting title, Street Fighter 6. While the game will be gracing the magazine's next cover, GameInformer was also given new details that will be in a large feature in the next issue, but before that drops, the publication shared the reveal of a brand new feature in SF6.

A new control scheme called "Dynamic Controls" has been announced that was designed for those who enjoy mashing buttons. The game's director Takayuki Nakayama and producer Shuhei Matsumoto sat down with GI to showcase how Dynamic Controls work and their ability to adapt to what is going on in a match at any given time.

"When I was watching people who had never played fighting games before, I saw them mash the buttons over and over," Nakayama began. "However, when this is reflected in a normal fighting game, there are many scenarios where the player strikes out at the opponent, and the attack would fail to hit the opponent."

"I wanted something useful to happen by just randomly pushing buttons," Nakayama continued. He goes on to explain that the main goal here was to create a system that would reflect the actions the player wanted to do.

By the developers' own admission, Dynamic Controls are much easier to use than Modern and Classic styles.

The four face buttons on a controller are designated to different actions when Dynamic Controls are selected. Actions of the player using them also change depending on the distance away from the opponent they are.

Nakayama explains that there is a ruleset to these controls, so the mode can be used in a more calculated way. However, the developer expects the players who use this control type to not think about those rules much.

"We want something interesting to happen without them worrying about it," Nakayama told Game Informer. The video's description describes Dynamic Controls as follows:

"The name comes from the notion that the A.I. essentially decides, dynamically, which attack to perform as you press the face buttons based on your character's current position and situation; if a character is far away, pressing the face button might throw a projectile, while that same button might pull off a combo in an up-close encounter. While button mashing is a viable strategy when using Dynamic Controls, strategy still plays a role, and you still manually perform parries and move the character using the d-pad."

In the footage, we see scenarios where Dynamic Controls Luke is further away from the opponent and throwing projectiles with the push of a single button. When he's in closer, he actually goes for a full jump in and continues with a full combo — all with single button presses.

This new control type seems fairly intuitive too, with Luke reacting to several different situations with the proper response. Things like reversal supers to counter an oncoming super, a max distance jump punish over a fireball, and even a Drive Impact through a projectile can all be seen in the footage.

While this new control scheme certainly sounds scary to us fighting game players, Capcom has stated that Dynamic Controls are not available in online modes, but can be used in offline versus and Arcade. We won't be seeing anyone use this new set up in online ranked at all, but it does seem that we could see it pop up in tournament play at some point.

Check out the full breakdown on Street Fighter 6's new Dynamic Controls scheme below.

We've got a reaction and first thoughts video to both this new control scheme as well as the newly revealed classic costumes for you to check out here:

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