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New Street Fighter 5 glitch involving Gill looks a whole lot like the infamous Street Fighter 2 'Handcuff Glitch'

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • May 26, 2022 at 10:15 a.m. PDT • Comments: 5

Street Fighter 5 recently saw two updates go live that added new balance changes to the game. The Definitive Update back in March implemented a slew of changes to the cast, while the 202205 patch last week mostly addressed bugs, but also nerfed Luke.

We're not sure which of these updates allowed for it, but a new glitch involving Gill has been discovered in the latest version of Street Fighter 5. If certain conditions are met, the two characters on screen will be unnaturally bound together very similarly to Street Fighter 2's infamous "Handcuff Glitch."

Several Twitter users have uploaded footage of this glitch in action. From what we can see, this unusual behavior is triggered when a character parries one of Gill's V-Trigger 2 ice traps and the parry makes contact with Gill simultaneously.

Examples showing both Alex and Ryu achieving this have been uploaded on social media, and both result in Gill being tied to the opponent indefinitely afterward. Gill can still move around, but it appears that his forward and back movement is entirely restricted.

When the opponent moves around the screen, Gill will ultimately teleport to where they're at and remain chained to them. It does look like Gill can be hit out of the glitch with certain attacks, but it will be up to the opponent to do so if they want to break free.

Back in the original Street Fighter 2 The World Warrior, players were able to activate a "Handcuff Glitch" that saw Guile freeze the opponent and tie them to his persons. In this situation, the opponent is completely immobilized, and neither Guile nor the foe are able to take any attacks making it so that the clock has to run down for the round and match to end.

In order to pull off the Handcuff Glitch, you'll first have to hold down for a couple of seconds as if you're charging for Guile's Flash Kick. Perform a half circle back motion ending on the up input and hit both medium punch and medium kick together to perform a normal throw. You can find more information on the Handcuff Glitch here in Sharopolis' video on YouTube.

There are only a handful of characters on Street Fighter 5's roster that can perform parry-style moves, so this isn't a glitch that will affect everyone. Still, the interaction is one that can definitely happen in a regular match, so it's probably something that should be addressed and likely will.

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