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It only takes 4 seconds for Poison to lose 70% health in this wild Street Fighter 5 tournament clip

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • May 25, 2022 at 1:05 p.m. PDT • Comments: 6

The threat of Balrog's Turnaround Punch in any Street Fighter game he is in is one that is always looming. At any point in time during a bout, the classic boxer could unleash a massive attack that initially dodges incoming attacks and returns fire with a potentially powerful punch that can wipe out insane amounts of health depending on how long it has been charged.

This is a lesson BST|Fuudo relearned thanks to G8S|Pugera's Balrog in the latest batch of Street Fighter 5 Topanga Championship 4 action. In this clip, Fuudo's Poison loses roughly 70% of her health in just 4 in-game seconds, and it's a confirm that you simply must see.

In the first game of their set, Balrog was roped in by Poison's EX whip attack and brought into close quarters. Knowing that Poison is at the advantage after this move is blocked, Fuudo attempted a throw to try and catch Pugera making a mistake, but the Balrog player was ready for the encounter.

A quick Turnaround Punch from Balrog evaded the throw, and in turn clobbered Poison with a hard-hitting counter hit that lobbed off a quick 40% health. Thanks to the attack's wall bounce, Pugera was able to juggle with an uppercut, cancel into V-Trigger 1, and finish off with four hits of the EX Dash Punch follow up.

In just 4 in-game seconds, Fuudo's Poison lost about 70% health for a single slip up. Pugera would go on to take the round thanks to catching Fuudo's jump with an uppercut, and would ultimately win the entire set 3-0 over Fuudo.

With Balrog's Turnaround Punch, the attack grows stronger the longer the two buttons are held. While Pugera's here wasn't a full charge, it was certainly enough to make for one hell of a highlight.

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