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Daigo Umehara shares his first impressions of Street Fighter 5's Definitive Update

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 30, 2022 at 5:40 p.m. PDT • Comments: 26

Street Fighter 5's Definitive Update finally dropped this week re-adjusting the game's entire cast, and the reaction among the playerbase seems a bit split / mixed in its early days.

Fighting game legend BST|Daigo Umehara recently took to his live stream to share his first impressions of SF5's last big update.

After reading through the long list of patch notes, Daigo states that he's interested in trying out Ryu, Kage, Guile, Luke, E. Honda and F.A.N.G, but there's one character that stands out to him the most.

Even though he had his V-Triggers seemingly nerfed, he believes Luke may be the strongest character in SF5 now that other high / top tiers like Urien and Cammy got slapped pretty hard in their adjustments.

"We already know that Luke is good," said Umehara as translated by FGC Translated. "Plus, now that all the top tier characters got nerfed, Luke is way better than before. They fixed his jump motion, but other stuff I thought they might change didn't really."

As for the characters he's spent time with over the past few years, Umehara feels that E. Honda is slightly better and more fun now, he feels sorry for F.A.N.G, and Ryu got some nice buffs though they may not be what the Shoto ultimately needed.

Talking about his longtime competitive main, Guile, Daigo doesn't think his nerfs to jump speed and the upside down kick will end up mattering much although his opponents gaining more EX meter for blocking Sonic Booms might hurt.

"I don't think Guile is viable anymore, so I'm thinking about Luke," said Daigo. "I'll see about his V-Trigger 2. If it's really good, then the Boom nerf won't even matter."

We have heard Umehara say at least a handful of times now that he'll likely be switching off of Guile and then always goes back to the military man, so we'll believe that when we see it at a tournament.

Overall though, Daigo feels like most of his characters got some interesting new tools, but we'll see how they stack up next to Luke.

This appears to have been recorded shortly before Daigo actually went hands on with the new update, so we'll likely be seeing more on his feelings after playing around for a while. You can check out Umehara's full thoughts below thanks to FGC Translated.

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