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Bill Clinton has apparently been added to Guilty Gear Strive over 20 years after the former President called out the series on national TV

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • March 29, 2022 at 6:29 p.m. PDT • Comments: 15

It's a very rare occasion to hear a politician ever praise a video game, but getting called out by the President of the United States specifically could almost be seen as a badge of honor.

Arc System Works may feel the same way, considering it appears the developers added Bill Clinton into Guilty Gear Strive over 20 years after the former President went on national TV talking smack about the original fighting game.

Following the latest Version 1.16 update to Strive, some players like Ultima noticed a suspicious-looking portrait tucked away in the corner of the White House Oval Office room in the newly added Figure Mode.

Although the face in the painting is blurred out, the similarities to that of former President Clinton are pretty unmistakable. Hell, it even appears almost identical to one of his actual White House portraits, blue tie and all — the only major difference being the right hand on the desk and not the pocket.

We of course couldn't help but go check for ourselves, and yep, there he is.

It's impossible to know, however, if this inclusion was a cheeky reference put in by the developers to call back to Clinton's press conference or perhaps even tied to the lore, considering the world of Guilty Gear went to crap after 1999 (Clinton's last year in office).

We do have to point out, however, that this portrait wasn't just now added into Strive this week.

He's actually been hanging out the whole time since the painting can be seen in the background of the game's cinematic Story Mode from almost a year ago.

For those who need a refresher or never heard of this odd event, former President Clinton delivered a speech in the Rose Garden back in 1999 with the purpose of asking the U.S. government to study whether the entertainment industry was trying to attract children to consume violent media.

He brought with him a handful of magazine advertisements for "violent video games" to be his smoking gun examples, and one of them happened to be for the original Guilty Gear.

The ad in question featured Sol Badguy with the tagline of "Kill Your Friends Guilty Free," although there was fine print at the bottom that explained that kill in this instance simply meant "beating your opponent to a pulp at Guilty Gear."

I wonder how he'd feel now that Guilty Gear is bigger than its ever been since Strive released... and isn't causing the youth to beat each other to death with arcade sticks.

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