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New Street Fighter 5 CPT costumes revealed, additional details for next week's balance update unveiled

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • March 24, 2022 at 5:39 p.m. PDT • Comments: 55

Capcom has announced more information for Street Fighter 5 here in 2022. They've dropped a new trailer for the Capcom Pro Tour content, which includes footage of a brand new stage as well as new costumes for Seth, Akira, and M. Bison.

In addition to this they've also released more details about next week's definitive balance patch, specifically regarding big brawler Abigail and Akira. You can view the trailer below.

"In general, our Battle Balance updates bring lots of little adjustments to each characters’ move sets and properties (some attacks become faster, while others do more damage or gain new special attributes)," reads an excerpt from the latest PlayStation Blog post. "However, sometimes we got a little extra inspiration and added a few surprises too!"

In that same blog post we see some footage of Akira launch with her V-Skill 2 after hitting a successful EX Senshubu. This adds at least one more way for her to enter into her juggle combos, which are a key tool in her repertoire.

We also get to see Abigail manipulate his V-Skill 2 tire with the start up of his run. This likely means opponents will have yet another layer of possible mix ups and fake outs when the big bodied fighter calls on his assist.

When it comes to Capcom Pro Tour content, players will be able to purchase the CPT 2022 bundle for $19.99 and will get the new Ring of Arcade stage, the three aforementioned costumes, a new color for all 45 roster members, 5 exclusive titles, 2 exclusive fighter profile themes, and 10,000 FM for in-game purchases.

Check out the new stage, costumes, and more via the gallery right here. You can also watch the full trailer and then let us know what you think of the coming content in the comments after.

CPT 2022 Gallery image #1 CPT 2022 Gallery image #2 CPT 2022 Gallery image #3 CPT 2022 Gallery image #4 CPT 2022 Gallery image #5 CPT 2022 Gallery image #6
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Street Fighter 5's definitive balance update is scheduled to drop on Tuesday, March 29.

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