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Have you ever lost a fighting game round this fast?

Ready? Set? KO!

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • March 1, 2022 at 2:47 p.m. PST • Comments: 14

While I do remember a particular Mortal Kombat 2 night in the mid 90's wherein I found out I could end a round with 99 seconds on the timer via an instant Liu Kang Bicycle Kick after cranking the handicap all the way up, rarely do we ever see fighting game rounds end as quickly as the one we're sharing with you today.

It's one thing when you're tweaking controls against and AI, and quite another when you're playing an online bout in Soul Calibur 1 via Fightcade. Poor JoshtheFunkDoc found himself knocked out in all of three seconds, continue on to see how it all went down.

Like the Tekken, Virtua Fighter, or Dead or Alive franchises, Soul Calibur is a three dimensional fighter wherein competitors can explore the Z-axis along with the traditional X and Y ones, and sometimes this means stages are relatively smaller since characters can manuever into the background and foreground.

Soul Calibur adds a level of danger to its battles as being forced off of any given stage results in an immediate KO, regardless of where life bars were before the ring out. That's exactly what comes into play here.

Josh's LizardMan foe immediately begins the round by walking forward, and after about a step and a half, launches into a massive uppercut. The Taki player is unfortunately launched into the air by this attack, and that allows for the LizardMan user to combo into a forward-leaping strike.

Taki effectively becomes a baseball one the wrong end of a homerun swing as the aformentioned leap attack connects at just the right angle to send her flying... right out of the ring. You'll probably want to watch the quick clip a few times to soak it all in, and can do so via the embed right below.

We'd love to hear your fastest legitimate fighting game round stories in the comments below. Have you ever been KO'd faster than in three seconds? If so, how'd that feel, exactly?

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