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New DNF Duel input lag tests show PlayStation 5 hits nearly 8 frames when played on 4k mode

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • June 29, 2022 at 12:51 p.m. PDT • Comments: 24

The latest fighting game from Arc Sytsem Works and Eighting is now in the hands of the masses, and fans seems to be enjoying it so far. DNF Duel is a new fighter based on the popular Korean online beat 'em up RPG Dungeon Fighter Online, and if you're wondering if the title is worth the money, be sure to check out our full review here.

While a lot of players are currently diving into finding the best combos and set ups for the game, kimagreGaming has been actively testing input latency across the different platforms the title is available on and under different specifications. While the data is very informative as a whole, the one stat that stands out above the rest is how much input delay those who play on PlayStation 5 in 4k mode will find — nearly 8 frames of it.

Among the test subjects we find the PlayStation 4 (standard), PlayStation 4 Pro, PS4 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5, and Steam. There are also varying resolutions used here, including 1080p and 4k modes for some of the Sony consoles.

Starting with the best performer here, we have the Steam version at 1080p. After 100 presses of the same button, Steam's input lag clocks in at an average of 2.11 frames, making it very fast and responsive.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the PS5 on 4k mode. Using the same testing, Sony's latest hardware hits an average of 7.07 frames of lag with 7.50 frames of delay popping up most often throughout the experiment.

Out of all of the Sony platforms tested here, it appears that the best and closest to the Steam version is the PS4 Pro at 1080p. The average input delay came in at 4.03 frames, and increasing the resolution to 4k on the same console added almost one full extra frame to the lag.

As kimagreGaming notes, it looks as though lowering the output resolution helps decrease the input lag on the PlayStation consoles. Still, that doesn't bode very well for those who were hoping to use the latest hardware with the best graphical output.

KimagreGaming has a handful of videos showing these input lag tests being conducted, and you can see them for the fastest performer and slowest below.

During the second online beta for DNF Duel back in April, Nigel 'Noodalls' Woodall went ahead and conducted similar input lag tests for the slim PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 5 and the PS4 version on PS5. Like we see with KimagreGaming's results, the PS4 Pro was the best performer with an average of 2.48 frames of delay on buttons and 3.46 frames on levers.

The worst performer, again, was the PlayStation 5 this time with 4.37 frames on buttons and 5.38 frames on the lever. While Woodall didn't specify what output resolution was used on PS5 for the tests, these numbers seem to match up closer to KimagreGaming's PS5 at 1080p.

Sony's PlayStation 5 console has had issues with input lag for other fighting games in recent times too, including King of Fighters 15 and Guilty Gear Strive. Fortunately, both Sony and Epic Games are currently investigating the situation in hopes of finding a solution, and we've even seen SNK step in to reduce the input delay a bit for KOF15 with one of their latest updates to the game.

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