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Who will win Street Fighter 6's tournament or ending battle?

Posted by Jon 'Catalyst' Grey • June 26, 2022 at 7:57 p.m. PDT • Comments: 29

We've previously documented who won the various Street Fighter tournaments, but with a brand new game on the horizon, we wanted to discuss who the most likely candidates to take home the glory will be. While not every Street Fighter entry has an official tournament in it, there's usual a last battle of some sort in lieu of a bracket, and we often count the person who delivers the killing blow on the main boss as the winner for that game.

With the past winners in mind, along with a number of other characters who fit the timeline and power requirements needed to be a tournament winner, we discuss who the most likely candidates are to win Street Fighter 6's tournament or last battle.

The most likely candidates

Ryu won the first Street Fighter tournament, and delivered the killing blow to M. Bison in Alpha 3 and Street Fighter 5. He's the poster boy of the franchise and a very likely candidate to win it all again.

You'd probably be hard pressed to find anyone who'd be surprised if Ryu won the Street Fighter 6 tournament.

However, Chun-Li is also a good candidate, as Urien noted that she took down Shadaloo with her legendary lightning legs. She's the second most popular character in the whole franchise, behind Ryu, and worked for Interpol, a world-wide crime fighting organization.

The problem with Chun-Li however is she's never won an event before, and she seems to have given up her days as a cop to raise Li-Fen and other children, especially with M. Bison dead and gone.

Rounding out this category is Guile, Luke and Alex. Guile is on the edge of discovering major corruption in the military, and has heavy ties to the major players in the franchise.

Guile may finally discover who was behind Nash's assassination, and it could lead him to being one of the main heroes again this time around. He also has ties to Luke, whom he helped get out of the military so he could pursue his own life goals.

Luke is set to be Street Fighter 6's co-protagonist along with Ryu, and the biggest thing going for Luke's candidacy is the fact that other people in his shoes have been major players in tournaments in the past, namely Alex.

Alex won the Street Fighter 3 tournament, and is one of the most popular characters in the entire franchise among fans. Because Capcom often repeats themselves, it's possible Luke will follow a similar trajectory here, and end up winning or assisting in taking down the main bad guy in Street Fighter 6.

In the video above, we also cover several more candidates including bad guys who have a shot — if Capcom were to go with a Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back-like approach — a few characters who have an outside chance due to their power levels, and lastly a couple of characters who would fit winning because they'd be completing a redemptive arc.

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