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Street Fighter 6's story mode might offer players branching path morality choices

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • June 23, 2022 at 7:32 p.m. PDT • Comments: 20

We know Street Fighter 6 will have a "World Tour" single player mode and we know that mode will include third person adventuring around places like Metro City, but that's about it thus far.

Already this is a major evolution from the kind of single player action the franchise has seen in the past, but a brief statement from SF6 Director, Takayuki Nakayama, has us wondering if this mode will offer us the kinds of story-affecting moral choices a la games like Mass Effect and Fable.

This all comes from a Japanese IGN interview during which interviewer Kurabe Esura notes how we get a little footage in the game's first trailer of what looks to be a custom character running about the streets of Metro City.

Esura attempts to get a bit of info out of Nakayama as he speculates on what the entire ordeal of creating your own character and using them to interpret the world of Street Fighter might actually look like. Nakayam's response perked our ears right up.

"There's a lot of story in the mode and people who look for that," he says. "I believe will be able to insert their own values to enjoy the mode."

Esura follows this by stating that this made it sound as though there might be branching paths or choices in the World Tour mode.

Again, this kind of single player feature already looks to be a large evolution from most anything the franchise has offered in the past.

Even at this early stage, it's already something fans are getting excited to sink their teeth into, especially coming from Street Fighter 5 where single player modes were, at first, non-existent and never really moved needles once they were finally implemented.

Keeping in mind World Tour would hardly be the central focus of Street Fighter 6, if Capcom rolls out this blockbuster experience with a ton of nuance and opportunity for player expression, it would have the potential to floor many in the FGC.

What do you think the story mode will end up being like? Will it have a bare bones air about it that everyone simply marches dutifully through for in-game currency bonuses, or will World Tour hand out distinct journeys for every player who fights their way through it?

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