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Fascinating discovery reveals how Drive Systems may differ between characters in Street Fighter 6

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 23, 2022 at 6:07 a.m. PDT • Comments: 9

The Drive System is arguably Street Fighter 6's most interesting and coolest battle design choice by offering every player and character a selection of both offensive and defensive tools on 1 meter, but exactly how they function may not be entirely uniform.

After a small collection of players got to go hands on with SF6 earlier this month, some people began to realize that the attributes of Drive Rushes in the game appear to be different among the fighters.

As apparently pointed out by LI Joe and put together in a nice demonstration by NurseLee, the movelist demonstrations for Drive Rush appear to confirm that the maneuver will actually offer differing speeds and travel distance depending on who you're playing as.

For instance, Ryu may have a few more startup / animation frames to the Drive Rush compared to Jamie, but all 4 look to have about the same amount of active frames while charging forward.

Thanks to the grid and positioning, we can also see that Ryu's rush cancel travels by far the farthest of the group followed by Luke, Chun-Li and then Jamie.

It would certainly make sense for the developers to slightly tune the properties of some of the Drive System to take into account what normals and other tools characters have at their disposal coming out of the flashy dance.

This is nothing really new to the series considering Street Fighter 5 offered different startups and uses for V-Reversals, so we can potentially expect the same for Drive Reversals too in SF6.

While it appears that Drive Impacts may also have different ranges, it will be interesting to see when the game comes out if they'll have varying startups dependent on the fighter.

One us we don't see that changing for, however, is the Drive Parry because there's no real reason to alter a defensive mechanic like that unless it's absolutely necessary.

Obviously, Street Fighter 6 is still very much in development, so there's little reason to put too much effort into dissecting the exact differences for everything seeing as they'll likely change by the time the game releases in 2023.

But it is nice to see how much the developers are fine tuning and approaching the mechanics and flow of battle in regards to characters and balance.

Hopefully, this will lead to a polished and engaging experience for players right out the gate this time around.

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