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Daigo Umehara explains why he never wants to professionally work on fighting game development and balancing

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 21, 2022 at 2:27 p.m. PDT • Comments: 19

As fighting games have become more complex over the years and the validity of their competitive scenes continues to grow ever more important, developers have started bringing on more knowledgeable players to help balance or even design their titles, but not everyone wants to be involved in that process.

Multi-game legend BST|Daigo Umehara recently discussed why it is that he personally never wants to get involved with developing or balancing fighter professionally in a poignant way.

One of the biggest factors as to why he wishes to remain an outsider to that side of the industry is Daigo doesn't want himself or others to have an opportunity to believe that he could be giving himself an unfair advantage for competing.

"If I'm involved in the development process and Ryu turned out to be a good character, then it looks like I did that on purpose," said Umehara via FGC Translated. "I want to play something that the company made for us... But anyway, people will say I did it, and that's why I never want to get involved."

While he does joke that he could potentially buff his own characters in a game, but Daigo believes there are some people out there who do try and change things for their own benefit.

"What's really shallow about that is that character they update isn't only available to them," said Daigo. "It's so dumb. Anybody can pick up and play that character. I know they'll have a good start with the game, but it's just dumb."

He goes on to say that has also kept him away from even participating in most beta tests for fighting games (not even for Street Fighter 5) although Daigo does admit he may try out Street Fighter 6 early because he just wants to play it.

You can check out Daigo's full thoughts on being involved with fighting game developers below where he also shares a fun story about being approached to test out Capcom Fighting Evolution before release, which he thought was still in a rough beta phase but was actually complete.

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