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There are 2 characters Daigo Umehara doesn't want to see return in Street Fighter 6... or ever again

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 20, 2022 at 4:28 p.m. PDT • Comments: 142

With a history spanning 35 years, Street Fighter has featured nearly 100 different playable characters across the mainline entries, and every player probably has a few picks among them that they absolutely despise battling.

Fighting game legend BST|Daigo Umehara recently discussed on stream the characters he doesn't want in Street Fighter 6, and there are specifically 2 who he hopes to never see again.

Daigo's chat asks about F.A.N.G's chances of coming back for SF6, but the pro player doesn't see that happening. Not because he doesn't "like" the fighter; rather, he's just never seen a new character receive zero love from the community.

The world warriors that Umehara apparently despises above all else are actually Sodom and Elena.

Anyone who was around for Ultra Street Fighter 4 can probably relate with Elena given her healing shenanigans and stupid long legs, but she's nothing compared to Sodom in Street Fighter Alpha 3 according to the top competitor.

"[Sodom] is the most BS character," said Daigo via FGC Translated. "That character should never come back. Do not ever let him run wild."

For those wondering what's so bad about the Final Fight gangster, Sodom became somewhat infamous in Alpha 3 because of his easy infinite combos that rack up tons of stun, he can command grab knocked down characters, he can guard break like crazy and can escape many unblockable setups for a few reasons.

With how many Alpha characters that came back for Street Fighter 5, fans were wondering when we were going to see Sodom again, but he never actually made it onto the roster — instead, being relegated to a few cameos.

You can check out Daigo's full reasoning for the picks below thanks to FGC Translated as well as what makes a character annoying in fighting games.

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