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First sighting of Guile's diagonally upwards Sonic Hurricane in Street Fighter 6 has now surfaced

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • June 15, 2022 at 6 a.m. PDT • Comments: 19

Of the characters that have been officially revealed for Street Fighter 6, we have the least amount of footage for Guile so far. While Capcom's blog revealed that Guile had the ability to perform an diagonally upwards Sonic Hurricane as an anti-air via the heavy punch version, this was never shown in the trailer itself.

However, Capcom Japan recently decided to host a "review" of the Capcom Showcase stream that recently aired. Though Street Fighter 6 mostly felt like just a footnote in the showcase compared to everything else that was announced, it seems that Capcom Japan decided to demonstrate some of Guile's gameplay. It's here where we got our first look at Guile's new anti-air Sonic Hurricane.

One thing that's immediately apparently about this version of the Sonic Hurricane is that its start up animation is different compare to the other versions of the super. This means that it will be extremely obvious which version of the super that Guile is going for during the freeze frames.

Uniquely, Guile appears to only be using just one arm to perform the Sonic Hurricane at this angle. This has typically been a trait of Nash's, Guile's friend from the United States Air Force, to use the Sonic Boom technique with just one arm, but Guile has been shown to do this in Street Fighter 5 and Street Fighter 6 with his Sonic Break via his Sonic Breaker.

Though this is intended to be an anti-air version of the Sonic Hurricane, it was demonstrated in the stream that it can still hit opponents standing close by. Still, it's pretty clear that the angle will be quite effective at stopping approaches from the air.

Check out the clip of Guile's heavy punch Sonic Hurricane in the clip below courtesy of HiFight:

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