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New Street Fighter 6 footage reveals that characters take visible battle damage

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • June 15, 2022 at 11:17 a.m. PDT • Comments: 39

Even though Capcom has noted that they are going dark on Street Fighter 6 information for a little while, we continue to learn more about the company's upcoming fighting title by thoroughly combing through every ounce of footage we get. During a recap presentation on the Japanese Capcom Channel that took place last night, game director Takayuki Nakayama and producer Shuhei Matsumoto sat in to give viewers another rundown of what SF6 has to offer so far.

Surprisingly, during the broadcast the developers actually showcased some new footage featuring a Guile mirror match that provides a look at the most recently revealed contender in an actual battle for the first time. With this footage, we have now learned that characters in Street Fighter 6 will actually take visible battle damage throughout a fight.

The match between the two Guiles is pretty standard to start. A lot of what we see initially is the devs simply demonstrating different things the character can do.

We see a lot of Sonic Booms — including many just-frame "perfect" Sonic Booms — some new combos, and even Guile's upward Sonic Hurricane. The bout goes back and forth ultimately reaching the third and final round, and it is at this point that we can start to notice some battle damage emerge.

It's a bit harder to spot while the characters are actively engaged in combat, but both Guiles appear to have a big cut on their cheek. The damage is much clearer when the two get frozen in place thanks to a Perfect Parry, and we see the large scrape on one of the combatants.

From what we can gather so far, it doesn't appear that this battle damage manifests in progressively torn clothing or anything like that. This seems to be strictly in the bruises and cuts department for the fighters.

Where we really see the best example of this new feature is during Guile's win screen. With the major close ups and poses the world warrior strikes for the camera, we can plainly observe his totally battered up face.

The aforementioned cut is blatantly visible, and Guile also has a cut on his nose, a large black eye, and a bruise on his other cheek.

Guile battle damage in Street Fighter 6 image #1 Guile battle damage in Street Fighter 6 image #2 Guile battle damage in Street Fighter 6 image #3 Guile battle damage in Street Fighter 6 image #4 Guile battle damage in Street Fighter 6 image #5
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This really feels reminiscent of the old Street Fighter 2 win screens where the loser could be seen bruised and bloodied. Here in Street Fighter 6, however, if the winner has to struggle for the victory they will be the ones wearing the battle damage at the end of a fight.

It is unclear how extensive this wear and tear will be come Street Fighter 6's launch. It's possible that this was just a taste and the feature will be further fleshed out to be even more visible during the match, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Either way, this new feature is yet another example of how Capcom is really focusing on their attention to detail in the upcoming Street Fighter title. Street Fighter 6 is due out sometime in 2023.

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