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Guile revealed for Street Fighter 6

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • June 9, 2022 at 11:02 a.m. PDT • Comments: 139

Capcom has just unveiled the latest contender joining the Street Fighter 6 roster. It was announced during the Summer Game Fest 2022 live stream that Guile will be playable in the upcoming fighting title.

New gameplay featuring the contender was showcased during the presentation.

Still representing America, Guile returns with a visibly older look — just like fellow legacy characters Ryu and Chun-Li. The sonic soldier still sports his trademark flattop, but now goes the "Hot Ryu" route and rocks a blonde goatee.

Capcom's official Street Fighter 6 description of Guile is as follows:

"Guile returns in Street Fighter 6 when it lands in 2023. He went home to become a family man, but now a new mission awaits.

"Guile’s move set in Street Fighter 6 combines his signature moves with fresh additions. He is one powerhouse of a character who retains his ability to keep opponents at a distance."

Capcom also notes that Guile has succeeded in dismantling Shadaloo here in Street Fighter 6, and he has avenged his friend Charlie Nash in the process.

Several of Guile's big, beefy normal attacks appear to be back here in Street Fighter 6. His two-hit double sweep and his powerful forward + heavy punch can be seen in full effect in the gameplay trailer putting the hurt on newcomer Luke.

Additionally, it looks like America's hero brings a handful of target combos into his arsenal. There are classics like crouching medium kick into overhead, and new target combos such as one that appears to be two crouching medium punches (or potentially crouching medium punch into a new command normal).

Of course, the special moves that make Guile who he is are back too. Sonic Booms and Flash Kicks are going to be the order of the day for those who opt to play him in Street Fighter 6, and there are definitely some new tricks to be utilized with them.

Guile's supers are where things get especially interesting. We now learn that characters may have levels to their super attacks, costing one bar of meter, two bars, and the most powerful at three bars.

The level 1 super for Guile is his Sonic Hurricane, which can tack on nice damage at the end of a combo. This super will also have a variation that will see it hit diagonally up instead of in front when using the heavy punch button.

Level 2 is Guile's V-Trigger 1 from Street Fighter 5 — Solid Puncher. The warrior's arms become enveloped in aerial slashes allowing him to chuck several smaller Sonic Booms at the opponent by simply pressing punch buttons.

Lastly, his level 3 super is called Crossfire Somersault. This powerful attack sees Guile fire off a massive aerial slash that sends his foe up into the air before being struck hard with a massive Flash Kick.

Guile's Street Fighter 6 move list includes:

Somersault Kick (Flash Kick) – The classic backflip kick
Sonic Boom – Guile’s main projectile ability
Sonic Blade – A stationary aerial slash
Sonic Hurricane – A massive aerial slash that lands directly ahead or diagonally upwards
Solid Puncher – Fires a flurry of small Sonic Boom projectiles
Crossfire Somersault – A brand new Super Art that fires a massive aerial slash followed by a devastating Somersault Kick

Guile's classic stage is also reimagined here in Street Fighter 6. Instead of taking place at an Air Force base, the new backdrop sees combatants slugging it out on an anchored aircraft carrier at sea that will feature "mid-flight planes, a multicultural collection of flags, and a posse of cheerful onlookers."

You can check out Guile's official Street Fighter 6 trailer below.

Guile SF6 Gallery image #1 Guile SF6 Gallery image #2 Guile SF6 Gallery image #3 Guile SF6 Gallery image #4 Guile SF6 Gallery image #5 Guile SF6 Gallery image #6 Guile SF6 Gallery image #7 Guile SF6 Gallery image #8 Guile SF6 Gallery image #9 Guile SF6 Gallery image #10 Guile SF6 Gallery image #11 Guile SF6 Gallery image #12 Guile SF6 Gallery image #13 Guile SF6 Gallery image #14 Guile SF6 Gallery image #15
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Street Fighter 6 is due out sometime in 2023. We did a bit of an in-depth breakdown on the game's new Drive mechanic, detailing how it works and how it looks to evolve gameplay from previous Street Fighter entries:

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