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Music video for Street Fighter 6's main theme 'Not on the Sidelines' released

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 8, 2022 at 3:04 p.m. PDT • Comments: 59

So many fans were happy to see Street Fighter 6 finally re-embrace the hip hop flair of prior titles like Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, and now we can all get a better taste of what to expect in the game.

Rolling Stone just premiered the official music video for Street Fighter 6's main theme 'Not on the Sidelines' by Randy Marx and Rocco808.

Street Fighter 6 Producer Shuhei Matsumoto provided a statement to Rolling Stone regarding hip hop's impact and connection to the series and this game:

"Whether it's the intro of Street Fighter, the hip-hop flavor of Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, the BGM and SFX that get sampled by beat-makers, the characters quoted by famous rappers, the art you see on the streets, we're aware that Street Fighter is a perfect match for the street and hip hop culture.

And with Street Fighter 6, we pushed it to the forefront and you can feel that in the flavor throughout the in-game sounds as well."

Not on the Sidelines is the track played in the first 2 trailers for SF6, so players have already heard a good portion of the song — but this is our first chance to listen to it in full.

The music video also features Sumi Shima's dancing talents as well as graffiti artist Benny Diar.

There won't be much more of a wait to see even more SF6, considering Capcom is confirmed to be revealing a new character and gameplay tomorrow, June 9, during the Summer Game Fest.

You can check out the full music video for Not on the Sidelines below.

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