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Street Fighter 6's versus screen and pre-battle introductions revealed in new footage

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 6, 2022 at 5:28 p.m. PDT • Comments: 87

After the big information dump for Street Fighter 6 last week, fans were left wondering how long they'd have to wait to see more of the game, and it apparently wasn't that long at all.

Capcom has now released new footage of Street Fighter 6's versus loading screen as well as the pre-battle introduction between Ryu and Luke.

Although we're treated to a new opening of the world warriors walking through what appears to be an opening garage or docking door covered in graffiti, we can see that the fighters are walking out onto the same stage as Luke and Jamie's introduction in the trailer.

This should lay to rest any speculation about Street Fighter 6 being a 2v2 fighting game like many thought from their first impressions though there's more new footage to take in too.

During the pre-battle intro, the game displays Ryu and Luke's measurements and likes/dislikes from their official character profiles, which then transitions to the big VS explosion that was briefly shown in the trailer.

The VS screen transitions into something very similar to Soul Calibur with close ups of both characters' faces mean-mugging each other with confirmation that the stage is called Metro City Downtown.

The VS screen will apparently show whether players are using the Classic or Modern control types as well as stars for Advantage although we don't know what that means yet.

It could just be SF6's version of traditional handicap settings, but it seems kinda odd to put that so in your face for all to see.

With Street Fighter 6 still in the midst of development, there's a strong chance aspects of the intros and VS screen will change before the final release, but it seems Capcom is wanting to make their characters look as though they're about to put on a show for the in-game crowd and whoever may be watching around the screen.

You can check out the new footage below.

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