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Will Street Fighter 6 be a 2v2 fighting game?

Doubtful, but not like they haven't tried before

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • June 5, 2022 at 7:38 p.m. PDT • Comments: 42

Street Fighter 6 finally showed the world what the heck it looks like in motion via a couple new trailers this past week, but instead of gameplay, many fans most curious about the game's actual format.

A couple of moments from the big trailer left people wondering if SF6 could end up being a 2v2 fighting game, so let's take a closer look at what's available to see if this speculation holds any water.

As things stand now, Capcom obviously hasn't announced that tag team battles are going to be a feature of the new Street Fighter, so all we have to go on is the trailers, website and the company's past track record in this particular area.

So what's got everyone so worked up about 2v2 in SF6? Well, about 1 minute and 40 seconds into the video we can see Luke and Jamie plus Ryu and Chun-Li standing side by side, seemingly coming out to a stage together.

A giant VS sign then comes onto the screen above Ryu and Chun before transitioning to the gameplay.

But is that really what's going on though?

Your Eyes May Deceive You

It's very understandable how fans would walk away from the impression that Capcom was teasing 2v2 gameplay.

We're so used to seeing these characters stand on opposite sides of each other ready to square off, but here they are next to each other looking all buddy buddy.

After personally watching the trailer literally dozens of times already, however, that doesn't appear to really be the case at all.

Luke and Jamie are very clearly walking into the Metro City backstreets stage we see throughout their gameplay, which is pretty obvious, but Ryu and Chun are not there.

The TV-like production equipment all around makes it look the same at first glance. When it zooms out though, the Street Fighter staples are actually at the cherry blossom stage from their matches.

What are we looking at then?

While there's no official confirmation as to what's going on in that brief segment, plenty of connections exist to what we've already seen before.

Our best hypothesis is that this intro sequence is meant to show us what the pre-battle loading screen and potentially introductions will look like.

It could be what's actually in the game or it could simply be a cinematic representation of what Capcom is going for.

The lights, the stage production equipment, the screens in the background. They're all elements that are overtly apparent in Street Fighter 5's pre-fight loading screen.

Capcom just seems to have upped the production quality for the new generation.

Are You Sure?

There was a rumor back in 2020 that SF6 was facing development issues due in part to an alleged tag team mechanic not going over well with testers, so perhaps they saved the concept and reworked it into what the final game will be.

Is there a chance of that happening? Sure, but everything about the game revealed thus far suggests Street Fighter will remain a 1v1 bout for domination.

The appeal of making SF6 a 2v2 fighter at this point would be to focus on a four-player mode like MultiVersus with more emphasis on team building and cooperative strategies like we saw Capcom attempt to do with Street Fighter X Tekken tournaments.

That very much seems to fly in the face of Street Fighter 6's mission statement, however, with all of the marketing and descriptions making the game out to be a personal journey of improvement and growing stronger.

"Your moment. Your fight."

Kinda hard to do that with another dude sitting next to you yelling that you dropped your combo.

All of the gameplay, mechanics, and meters appear to be built specifically for the 1v1 combat we've come to expect from what's out there thus far too.

Experimenting with tag team systems is a cool idea that I've had fun with in the past, but for Street Fighter, its core experience should probably stay the way it's been for 35 years now. Go Crazy with the Versus games and spin-offs.

A 2v2 Street Fighter isn't completely out of the realm of possibility, but what's shown thus far doesn't imply that's coming right now — and you think Capcom would want to immediately push that kind of a game changing feature from the start.

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