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Street Fighter 6's gameplay trailer snuck in another new character reveal that you might have missed

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • June 2, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. PDT • Comments: 77

There is an absolute ton of new information about Capcom's upcoming fighting title, Street Fighter 6, that we're all still trying to sift through after that brand spanking new gameplay trailer hit the internet during Sony's State of Play presentation.

While things like the new designs for legacy characters and the gameplay itself are major focal points for fans right now, we wanted to point something out that you might have missed if you happened to blink. Though four characters were showcased in the montage, Capcom actually revealed another new challenger at the very end of the trailer, but it was an incredibly brief and fairly hidden reveal.

At this point in time, Street Fighter 6 has four confirmed playable characters. Returning combatants Ryu and Chun-Li find a place on the roster, as well as Street Fighter 5's final DLC contender, Luke.

Surprising to everyone was the display of brand new warrior Jamie. This fighter looks up to Yun and Yang, and he is a break dancer who drinks and fights using the Drunken Boxing style.

Early in the trailer, we see a cinematic featuring Chun-Li going up against a young warrior who is wearing headphones, a skirt, and a hairstyle similar to Chun-Li. While we suspect this fighter might actually end up being a playable character as well due to how fleshed out the character model appeared to be, this is still not the fifth character reveal in the Street Fighter 6 gameplay trailer.

At the very end of the trailer, Capcom unveils the "Battle Hub." This, well... hub, is described as being a venue for online battles that boasts "new and unique forms of engagements and communication."

We see a large laboratory-type setting with a giant screen dead center of the room. An avatar stands looking at the screen, and for just a few seconds after the Street Fighter 6 logo appears do we see the message "New Challenger."

An image of a fighter seemingly named Kimberly pops up, and it only remains on the screen for three quick seconds before it fades away. With the various other points of interest found in the Battle Hub, this sneaky character reveal is easy to miss, but it certainly looks like a legitimate new challenger reveal — albeit only a glimpse.

Kimberly appears to be a brand new character in Street Fighter 6. We see a young world warrior with very long braids, a baggy orange shirt, yellow wrist wraps, and a bow on their head.

We obviously can't say too much about this character based on one small image, but it does look like they are striking a fairly dynamic pose, which could indicate they are more on the nimble side when it comes to combat.

Below we have included an isolated, flipped image of Kimberly so that you can see the fighter better, as well as the original screenshot of the Battle Hub featuring the reveal.

Now, if you're wondering whether or not this reveal is significant or actually a real character announcement, you should know that it was actually referenced in the official PlayStation Blog for this new Street Fighter 6 trailer. "(Psst, did you notice anything appear on the Battle Hub screen at the end?)," reads the last line of the information-filled blog post.

There's still a lot to process here, but Summer Games Fest is taking place next week, and it is entirely possible that we see Kimberly and more of Street Fighter 6 then.

Street Fighter 6 is set for release sometime in 2023.

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