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What Street Fighter 6 reveals should we expect from Evo 2022?

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • July 29, 2022 at 7:37 p.m. PDT • Comments: 45

Evo is back in person for the first time since 2019, and in addition to world class competition across the most popular fighting games on the market right now, that means major reveals and announcements.

While Street Fighter 5 will be the Capcom title played at Evo 2022, all eyes are on Street Fighter 6 for new content. What might we expect to see next weekend as Evo plays out in Las Vegas from August 5-7? Past practices and recent set ups point us in a particular direction.

Let's first take a gander back at the Street Fighter Evo reveals in recent years to get a taste of how they've come to do things. Note that the event was initially revamped to be online in 2020, but was ultimately cancelled when then CEO Joey Cuellar was removed following accusations of sexual misconduct. 2021 saw online exhibitions with the Evo logo attached, but, for all intents and purposes, history will likely remember this as simply another canceled Evo year.

2015 - Necalli trailer
2016 - Juri official announcement and release date
2017 - Abigail trailer
2018 - G and Sagat trailers
2019 - Honda, Poison, Lucia trailer

You'll notice a considerable increase in content in 2018 when Capcom started rolling out multiple character trailers for Street Fighter. There could be multiple reasons for this, but the fact that their other major fighting franchise, Marvel vs. Capcom, dried up in 2017 likely has something to do with this.

Capcom fans could somewhat routinely rely on major announcements for both Street Fighter and MvC, but with one widely out of the picture, all efforts could and arguably needed to go into the other.

So our guess is that two to three characters might get Street Fighter 6 trailers. Capcom isn't at all beholden to this, and could hit us with any mix up they please, but if they do roll out with up to three new SF6 faces, we have some educated guesses as to who they'll be.

Also, yes, there was a fairly massive potential roster leak, and while Capcom didn't come directly out and make it official, they did respond with the following tweet:

The first character we suspect is a brand new one who has never yet appeared in the Street Fighter franchise: Kimberly. Kimberly was heavily hinted at the very end of the first major Street Fighter 6 trailer, and was further nodded to in the PlayStation Blog post detailing the trailer.

Kimberly appears to be a young woman with long braids, a baggy orange shirt, yellow wrist wraps, and a bow on her head. There's not much detail floating about on what kind of character Kimberly might be, or whether or not she's even going to be a playable character in the game, but you'd want at least one brand new fighter in your SF6 Evo reveals.

Here's the image we got at the end of the trailer:

The next character we suspect is also our most likely pick of these three. The reason for this is because of what may have been a bit of a slip up at San Diego Comic Con during Capcom's Street Fighter 6 panel.

We got footage of the moment thanks to a private streamer, and you can see the bit in question starting around the 9:40 mark of our video here:

Given Ken's status as one of the most popular and important figures in all of Street Fighter, he'd pair well with a dual reveal alongside Kimberly. Give both the new and old generations something to appreciate, and finally tell the world what the heck is going on with Ken (if his allegedly leaked appearance is indeed how he'll look in SF6).

The last of the three suspected characters is Miss Cammy White. Another Street Fighter staple who almost rivals Chun-Li in fan appreciation, a Cammy reveal would surprise exactly no one for this game.

As to why she might be shown off sooner rather than later, she may or may not have some fairly convincing, unofficial footage floating about the internet at this very moment.

Capcom could show whomever they want, but they probably have some decent development done with Cammy, and so it stands to reason that she would have the best chances of getting a trailer soon.

What do you think about these particular picks for Street Fighter 6 Evo reveals this year? Is there another character or two you think is more likely to be shown, or do you think we'll get content outside of character trailers?

Hit us up with your thoughts in the comments below, and be sure to check back here on EventHubs for live updates and Evo coverage when the event plays out next weekend.

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