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Oh how I wish Capcom would make a new All-Star Versus fighting game with the amount of love and charm found in Teppen's artwork

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • July 24, 2022 at 6:27 p.m. PDT • Comments: 20

One of the main appeals of big crossovers (when done well) is seeing different characters and universes interact in charming in clever ways from a team who has a deep knowledge and respect for the source material, and that's something which has been sorely missing out of Capcom for more than a decade now.

I recently began playing Teppen again recently for the 3-year anniversary, and just seeing the amount of love and fun / quirky situations Capcom's characters are put in for just the card artwork made me long for a new All-Star Versus fighting game from the developer.

The mobile card game seems to have really come into its own over the past few years with the way that Gungho is taking iconic and lesser known Capcom characters from Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, Breath of fire and Onimusha and combining them together in ways you wouldn't expect.

In the latest expansion, Spooky Village, the artists have created their own little pocket universe where Felicia is a circus ringleader with characters like Blanka, Lilith and even Vega being performers.

That is until they set up shop outside of the creepy village from Resident Evil Village, and the crew gets attacked by the likes of Lady Dimitrescu, who seemingly burns the circus tent down.

This small setup manages to tell a fun and interesting story over the span of only like 10 card artworks.

Teppen's Spooky Village image #1 Teppen's Spooky Village image #2 Teppen's Spooky Village image #3 Teppen's Spooky Village image #4 Teppen's Spooky Village image #5 Teppen's Spooky Village image #6 Teppen's Spooky Village image #7 Teppen's Spooky Village image #8
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Obviously, it'd be more work to put something like that into a fighting game rather than making some cards, but that whole circus scenario would be an absolute treat to see take place in the background of a stage.

I'm not even asking for a big cinematic story mode where M. Bison teams up with Albert Wesker or anything. It just really comes down to the amount of thought and attention to detail put into how characters can interact and how they react to situations outside of their norm.

That's something sorely absent from Capcom's fighters since Street Fighter X Tekken, and even then it felt like the magic was starting to wane.

We are far away from the days when Ken would pick up Terry Bogard's hat in Capcom vs. SNK or all of the cute references packed into Pocket Fighter.

Instead, Teppen's charms reminded me just how soulless Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite feels when it could have been such a slam dunk.

Capcom arguably has the largest roster of iconic characters in video games next to Nintendo, but the best way we have to celebrate them right now is through a mobile card game.

In this new age of big crossovers throughout media, perhaps the developers will see the potential of what they could have in an all-star cast and make a new game that lives up to it.

Artwork via Teppen and credit to artists nabalnge, kare, MYOGA, Kuroiwa Enu, Temosi, Brian Adriel, and Yu Cheng Hong.

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